We’re not totally convinced there isn’t a catch of some sort (they do require you to enter a credit card as part of the validation process), but Register.com appears to be offering free domain name registrations. [Register.com]


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  1. krunk4ever says:

    The catch is most likely that it’s only free for the 1st year and it’ll auto renew when the free period is over.

  2. jesirose says:

    I thought the ICANN said registrars have to charge at least the $0.25 fee?

  3. newlywed says:

    i just used it with shopsafe, so they can’t bill me later, and it worked for me! yay!

  4. Their regular domain registration fees are exorbitant – $35 yearly. Make sure they won’t automatically renew for you in a year, as Newlywed did.

  5. SBildermann says:

    NEVER repeat NEVER use register.com. They wlll think of someway to get you.

    – Give them any access to your Credit Card and boom they will auto renew even though you tell them not to (and you keep on telling them) I had to cancel my Credit Card to stop them.

    – They keep the register of your domain and will give you the run around (for MONTHS)if you try to change. I gave up try to get my domains out of their hands.

    – They will NEVER release any domains you have asked about but wlll use a dummy owner and try to sell the domain to you at about 10x markup (this last got them into a class action suit)

    Forget this scam.

  6. Indecision says:

    @Matthew Hughes: I imagine that all you have to do is transfer to another registrar before the year is up (I personally use Dotster). I don’t think you can transfer for the first 30 or 60 days, but after that, you can take it wherever you like.

  7. lambdamu says:

    Here’s the fine print. To sum it up, you have to give them a credit card number for a free product. They promise not to charge you anything. Gee, what other industry works like that? 8)

    This Special Limited Time Offer allows one domain per business. Offer available only for new .com, .net, .org, .biz, .us and .info domain name registrations. Free Domain offer does not apply to Premium Domain Names.

    All new customers will be asked to supply a valid credit card number and billing information. This is our standard requirement for opening a Register.com account. If you are registering a free domain name and not making additional purchases you will not incur any charges.

    Also, as part of our Customer Policy, please note that none of your information will be sold or released to a third party.

  8. AstroPig7 says:

    @SBildermann: While I agree that their prices are outrageously high, I had no trouble moving my personal domain name from them to Stargate. I can’t imagine why anyone uses them willingly, though.

  9. Nick says:

    Sounds like a good deal. I used a credit card that will expire before November 2009 so they cannot charge me again. Immediately after registering my domain, I unlocked it and disabled autorenew.

  10. jesirose says:

    @Indecision: And pay $8.95 for a transfer? That saves money over another registrar how? Dotster also charges $15 for a simple .com