UPDATE: DHL Laptop Thieves Busted After Reader Complaint

Sue, whose Dell laptops were stolen by dirty, dirty DHL thieves writes in to update us.

I FINALLY got my computer on October 26, over a month after I placed the initial order.

I called Dell on October 18 since I hadn’t heard anything from them. I initially talked to a CSR who told me they would have to send my new computer via DHL. I didn’t like that answer, so I demanded to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor told me that she would fill out a form that would change the delivery service to FedEx and that she would follow my case and update me with purchase order numbers and keep me updated with ship times. She also told me that she would check into some compensation for me for all of the trouble I’ve had. She never called me back, I finally called on the 20th for my purchase order so I could track my order.

On Wednesday, October 24 I checked my Dell account and saw that my computer had shipped…via DHL! I just about had a stroke when I saw that. I didn’t have time that day to call Dell, since I was working on a paper in the library, and DHL had already closed, so I just prayed they wouldn’t lose a 3rd computer. In the mean time, Debbie, a customer advocate from Dell contacted me (via email) and asked if I had gotten my laptop yet and I told her that not only hadn’t I received my third laptop, but Dell shipped it via DHL again. I also told her that I had not heard back from the supervisor who had promised to keep me in the loop and that I was extremely dissatisfied with Dell.

I woke up on Thursday, October 25 and called Dell and demanded to speak with a supervisor. I was informed that all of them were busy, but that one would call me back within an hour. A workday at Dell must take forever, because an hour to them meant two days as I was finally contacted on Saturday, October 27. When one finally called me on Saturday, I was on vacation and couldn’t talk, and the supervisor had the nerve to get huffy with me, saying that I was the one who requested a callback from Dell. Whatever, I told him to call me back on Monday (since he wouldn’t give me his direct number) and I haven’t heard back.

Anyway, at about 1100am on Wednesday, October 24 there was a knock at my door and it was DHL with my computer. How did I know it was my laptop? Because right on the front, Dell put a big sticker saying “Computer made in Malaysia.” Duh! Why not just broadcast what was in the box? Even with the big “DELL” all over the box, it could have possibly been accessories. Anyway, I ripped open the box, just to make sure they weren’t bringing me a box of bricks, and I saw my shiny, new laptop. I almost cried.

About an hour later, I got a call from Mark, who identified himself as the Las Vegas regional manager. He apologized numerous times for my trouble and then let me know that there had been 2 delivery drivers at DHL who had been part of a theft ring and had been stealing laptops and cell phones. They had finally caught them and DHL is pressing charges. Oh, and the corporate office also sent me a pre-paid DHL envelope where I can send a letter to anywhere in the country for free. Whoopee! I am going to use the envelope to send a letter back to their corporate headquarters letting them know that I wouldn’t use their company again on a dare.

So that’s where it ends. I finally have my computer, but will never use DHL or Dell again. I am also not holding my breath for the compensation that the first Dell supervisor had mentioned.

We’re glad to hear that Sue got her laptop and happy to know that the DHL thieves got busted. Perhaps Dell should consider investing in some plain boxes? Sending out ones with “steal me” written on them doesn’t seem to be working for their customers. In addition, based on Sue’s experience, Consumerist will be less likely to pass along overtures of help from Dell’s PR team, as they seem determined to make us look foolish.