Sprint Nextel’s third quarter earnings are, uh, down 77%. Sprint lost 397,000 customers this quarter, according to MarketWatch. [MartketWatch]


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  1. HeyThereKiller says:

    Lost… or threw off their network?

  2. doesn’t shock me.

  3. GearheadGeek says:

    I wonder if they all bought iPhones….

  4. DashTheHand says:

    I have a feeling Helio is rolling with the wrong network.

  5. savvy9999 says:

    My Sprint contract is up Dec 4th. They’ll be losing another one on the 5th.

    Can’t wait, it will be like Christmas in December!

  6. Hoborg says:

    Funny, I actually like Sprint. They seemed to have the best lowest-priced-plan compared with all the other carriers, and I make all my calls after 7:00 anyway. Too bad their Customer Service call center is a tiny room packed with 10,000 monkeys

  7. Youthier says:

    @Hoborg: I have Nextel and I like it fine too. I find 2-way obscenely annoying but it is the cheapest way for my husband and I to keep in contact when one of us travels.

    Or when one of us is downstairs and one is upstairs.

  8. tozmervo says:

    @Hoborg: Seriously, I pay under $30 a month with Sprint. Most of my friends drop their jaws when I tell them that. I don’t know what all the hate is about.

  9. Uh oh... Cleveland says:

    @HeyHermano and @tozmervo: I agree. Why all the hate? All cell companies suck in their own special way, so why not go with the cheapest? (With the 7pm start time to boot.)

  10. CTSLICK says:

    The rates I have with Sprint crushed any comparative offer especially when it came to data plans and the have some of the best coverage for my usage. The CS Reps I have dealt with have been pleasant on most occasions but ill-trained to actually do what they said they would do. Thankfully, the rep who handled my contract renewal (3 upgraded phones, 1 new line with a phone) handled everything perfectly…not one thing was out of line on the next bill.

  11. PatrickIs2Smart says:

    @GearheadGeek: I was a Sprint customer… before the iPhone launch.

  12. Annath says:

    Mostly people are upset with sprint over the billing system screw up. For a couple of months it was completely screwed from the inside out, and sprint was dragging their asses as far as fixing it went.

  13. drinktillsheshot says:

    I used to have sprint but dumped their service because I couldn’t get a signal indoors….in just about every structure I entered. Many of my friends have said the same.

    It’s a shame, mostly because their data network is pretty fast. But what’s the use if you can’t get a signal…?

  14. lainykai says:

    @Hoborg: I’m with you…I like Sprint. I had an issue where I couldn’t check my minute usage for a month and they agreed to cover any minutes I went over. Then they gave me 30 bonus minutes for the next 3 months. Sure they are a cell phone company and are required by some unwritten law to suck, but I have no hate towards them.