Reach Regions Bank Executive Customer Service

Jackson W. Moore, Chairman of the Regions Financial Corporation and Regions Bank
Regions Bank
417 20th St. N.,
Birmingham, AL 35202

fax: 205-272-1983

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  1. JuliusJefferson says:

    Never had a problem with Regions that I would need to contact him. Great company (relative to other banks).

  2. ClutchDude says:

    Regions has been pretty good to me so far. The Amsouth branches that are converting are slow in posting your deposits, but that is to be expected.

  3. IndyJaws says:

    Another vote for Regions. Our old bank was bought out a few years ago by Bank One, but a few branches went to Regions. We were the lucky ones.

    Once had several overdrafts due to a late deposit (we claimed it was them, they claimed it was us). They didn’t try to argue the point and refunded all overdraft charges on the spot.

  4. Red_Eye says:

    Coulda used this a while back. I am not a regions customer, stopped to use one of their walk up atms, it had the insert and remove type card scanner. After I completed my withdrawal, it prompted me for a second transaction! Bad practice on that type of machine. I sent them an email about it and got a canned response. If I had assumed it was like any other ATM that didnt maintain possession of your card then I could have walked away still logged in after completing my transaction. Not Good.

  5. ChrisC1234 says:

    I’ve been with Regions for 10 years and never had any problems whatsoever. The one time that I needed to call their customer service to investigate a possible fraudulent charge against one of my accounts, they were extremely helpful, going above and beyond to investigate it, and didn’t even charge me the the research fee they usually charge, even though it was a legit charge that I did make.

    (for those curious… a charge showed up on my account from “EDS” on the I-10 Service Road in my hometown. I have NEVER been to any place called Eds in my life, so I was thinking it was fraudulent. The customer service rep did some looking and could see that it was a pin based transaction, so it’s legit as far as they’re concerned, but she kept investigating it because I wanted to know WHAT it was, even if I indeed DID do it. She ended up finding out from one of her coworkers that sometimes transactions from Walmart would show up as Eds, and there definitely is a WalMart on our I-10 service road)

  6. domwood says:

    I was recently scammed by Regions Bank. I called customer service to question a fee, she was very rude so I told her I was unhappy with the transfer from Amsouth to Regions because it appears I am now being charged fee’s that had never been charged before, after my call the agent placed a “no post debit” on my account causing several checks to be returned as “refer to maker”. It took me several days to discover this action and my local branch could not understand why or who had done this but was able to determine the time it was done; same time as my call to customer service . . .

  7. miran says:

    my parents have been with this organization since they were First Alabama Bank. It’s the only bank they’ve used in my memory and I’m 38. They have always been pleased with them. I’m a credit union person, but if I went with a commercial bank, they would be my choice.

  8. jsgriggs says:

    I’m a Regions customer that opened my account in Alabama. Since the merger with Amsouth I’ve lived in Lousiana and Texas (I was living in Louisiana before the merger also). Customer service has become horrible. If I want to make a deposit and get cash at the same time, I either have to make two transactions (which adds ten minutes of time) or instead go to an Amsouth branch. Never mind that I am a Regions (not Amsouth customer).

    Why is this? It’s because the bank that exists now is Regions in name only. The computer system is being switched to Amsouth’s. All of the executives are Amsouth execs. And, since the company decided to convert accounts on a state-by-state basis, anyone who opened an account in one state but moved to another is being screwed over in this process.

    When I go to a Regions branch in Texas the teller must call an Amsouth branch to confirm that my account is still open, has sufficient funds for withdrawl, and is in good standing. Yes, the teller is kind enought to apologize, but the embarassment of this is bad enough. Regions also isn’t sure when all of its customers will be on the same computer system.

    This has been a merger plagued by numerous computer issues, a severe drop in employee morale, and a lack of communication/ honesty with customers. This has been so horrible for me that I’ve decided to switch to a different bank. I’m only waiting for all of my direct deposit/debit transactions to switch so that I can leave Regions for good.

  9. cditty says:

    I am the reason that this is here. My girlfriend and I have an account at AmSouth, now Regions. She logged onto the web system this am only to find one of her accounts missing. She called and found out that it had been deleted. Her money gone. No one could tell her what happened and where her money went.

    She is currently waiting on a manager to call her back. (called and left several messages) Last she heard was that it would take 1-3 weeks to resolve. In the meantime, no living money for her.

  10. hustler says:

    I’ve been with Regions for 7 years I think, and no complaints.

  11. VanHayes65 says:

    Our Regions bank moved to Amsouth on the 25th of October. We have not been able to get an updated account online since then. I have contacted them 3 times about it. We went to Nashville on a school/fun trip Oct. 3rd.
    We knew we were supposed to have about$700 left in one account and $100 in the other. We paid one bill before we left and paid our room and a couple of meals on the card. When we were in the mall shopping the following day, our account read insufficient funds. We had to go home with our son crying all the way because he didn’t get his item and we were embarrassed at the counter and had to put the things back and go home with what gas we had in our tank. After getting home and checking the atm, it said we were over $500 overdrawn, there is no way that we spent over $1000 we only spent about $300 total. We have no money now to live on, no grocery money or gas money or money to pay our bills, what do we do now?

  12. RichDavis says:

    I had a CD with Regions. I got a letter in the mail saying that it will be comming due. I called the 800 Number and asked what the new interest rate would be. I got a run around and told the little twirp not to renew my CD. I got sick and was unable to contact my local branch (70 miles from my house). I relized the night the cd was scheduled to come due that I did not call my local branch (Pontiac IL). The next day I called the 800 number again with no help, and rude people. I called the Pontiac branch, and was told that I would have to pay a fee for closing the CD. At that time I just wanted away from regions. I got the check don April 1 and took it tom my bank.

    My bank would not cash it because Regions had not signed the check. a trick by people who don’t have enough money to cover the check. Now it is APril 3rd and I was called to go ahead and deposit the check with some number from the IPS???

    I have asked to have the fee returned to me for my problems. Well We cannot do that, said the woman on the phone.

    Who do I call to Get my fee back and get someone fired???

  13. gnixon1 says:

    I’ve been with Regions Bank/Mortgage for 15+ years. Paid off all loans in full and currently have an up-to-date mortgage payment history. I recently requested a home improvement loan and was denied. I have very little debt (<$8000), my income ratio is at least eight times that amount annually. I co-signed on my nephew’s loan, he bailed, and I paid it off ($3000+). I retired militay and receive a nice pension on top of a $60+/year job (lots of overtime) not included + per diem. I’m only giving these figures because they’re a factor. My problem is loans are made to foreigners, immigrants, and many undesirables who never pay them completly, items repossessed, or have other issues I’ve never had i.e. bankruptcy. I and many other veterans are never afforded royalties I feel we deserve. I’m not knocking other clients just stating facts in which we’re never rewarded for sacrifices many Americans never receive. I have some credit bureau issues in which I’m challenging a major corporation who charged me for a vacation (with interest & penalties) I never received. Also a few late payments caused by a job resignation in which a company fought to keep me from receiving unemployment. The payments were made and eventually paid off. I’m not happy with today’s non friendly, hometown, banks. They’re no longer in the business to assist good customers when things are bad! I’m contacting the CEO!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    i am a regions customer. they have arbitrarily charged me an nsf fee, yet again. i am currently stuck out of state on business, and my feet are swollen and blistered from having to walk 10+miles back to my hotel due to their charges. i called customer service. they dont give a flip.

  15. lml00 says:

    Was charged $175 in NSF fees even though the items all show as being cleared first with a positive balance remaining… then had a charge from a medical facility that was a bit more than the balance I had in the acct and as a result I should have been charged a NSF.. but because these all cleared on the same day they went back and charged me an NSF for all the other items already cleared… not my acct is in the negative for a couple hundred dollars.. Customer service is very rude.. and would not even help. Filed a complaing with the BBB… this is not the first time this has happened.. first time for me.. this is a regular practice of theirs… these fees are not legit and definetely warranted.