Personal Finance Roundup

How Much Do Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Really Cost? [Get Rich Slowly] “We’re saving $15.98 per billing period..”

Making the most of your flexible spending account [Bankrate] “A little knowledge and planning can keep you from wasting the money in your flexible spending account.”

Strategies for Answering Weird Interview Questions [Career Journal] “If your alma mater was a cereal, what would it be?”

Ten Tips For Writing A Resume That Will Get The Right Kind Of Attention [The Simple Dollar] “Here are ten things I would always do when writing a resume, regardless of the conventional wisdom about resumes.”

Change careers without going broke [MSN Money] “Switching professions late in your working life is a high-risk, high-reward move. Here’s how to pull it off successfully.”

A Question From a Reader: How to Calculate Taxes [AllFinancialMatters] “When you read something that says someone is in the 28% tax bracket, it doesn’t mean they pay taxes of 28% on all their income.”

(Photo: mightynine)

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