How Long Does Stride Chewing Gum Actually Last?

No commercial claim is so trivial that it can’t be tested and documented online, apparently, which is why Cheap Eats has performed a gum-chewing test for Stride gum, the brand that claims its flavor will last so long that gum sales will plummet and put the company out of business. (If that claim is true, we think there’s a shareholder lawsuit waiting to happen.) So how long does the flavor last? Somewhere around 30-45 minutes, depending on what you consider “flavor.”

The notes for the test are a monument to scientific inquiry—we think Consumer Reports or the CPSC might want to take a look:

4:43 PM – Initial big “sugary” rush of flavor is gone, but minty flavor remains strong.
5:07 PM – I feed the cat. I let it smell the gum and it wasn’t interested.
5:13 PM – OK, now starting to notice a definite loss in both minty flavor and the sweetness of the gum. I’m almost glad that sugar-free bleah taste has gone away. It’s beginning to taste like clay. How do those baseball ball-players do it? Oh, right – they’re chewing steriod-infused tobacco, not gum.

Stride Gum [Cheap Eats]
(Image: Stride commercial)


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  1. Jmarsh04 says:

    I recognize the actor in that photo as Jason Bateman’s friend on the Hogan Family. I also recognize that gum pulls out my fillings, so I don’t chew it.

  2. CumaeanSibyl says:

    But does it lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight??

  3. LiC says:

    Or behind the ear when you’re eating dinner?

  4. missdona says:

    Ooh. They should do “how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie-roll center of a tootsie-pop”

    Ah-1, Ah-2-hoo, Threeee!

  5. 3drage says:

    @missdona: That’s an easy one, it’s three!

  6. bbbici says:

    Everyone knows Dubble Bubble has the longest lasting flavor– not!

  7. fileunder says:

    i’m having a weird time transposing Stride with “Trident,” “Stride Rite,” and “Strident” in my mind.

  8. Crazysamz says:

    I used to be happy with the long time stride lasted, going strong with flavor from 6:00 A.M. ’til lunch, but now they have altered the gum so that it lasts drastically less time than before, pretty much 2 hours instead of four.

  9. lalahsghost says:

    I would also have to agree on the to-to-three hour flavor length. I was handed a sample of Stride gum by a vendor right before they came out at grocery stores, and dear god that gum lasted long, but nowadays, it’s a little less impressive. Also people chew at different frequencies and rates. This HAS to have a big change between users on how long the flavor lasts.

  10. SOhp101 says:

    It doesn’t last long at all. About the same as a stick of Orbit gum, but I think the grams/stick might be different. Still their commercials are misleading.

  11. tinky XIII says:

    It must just be me then. Stride looses it’s flavor for me in less than five minutes. Same as every other gum I’ve ever chewed. So I tend to buy the super-cheap Dubble Bubble and pound that when I have to have gum. Which is rarely.

  12. thepounder says:

    Personally, I couldn’t care less if there’s a misleading commercial about chewing gum… mostly because it’s insignificant. If I’m being lied to in a commercial about a vehicle’s safety, that’s a different story.

    Now, if only they could figure out how to make Fruit Stripe’s flavor last longer than five minutes I’d be chewing that every day.

    Anyhow, I kinda dig Stride. It does hold its flavor longer than most others do for me, except Orbit. Plus, Orbit has Sweet Mint. For now, the point goes to Orbit.

  13. faust1200 says:

    I do know what flavor has the *shortest* lasting flavor: Zebra Stripe gum. It tastes amazing though…for 13 seconds. Do they still make it?

  14. faust1200 says:

    Or is it Fruit Stripe? Erk.

  15. @faust1200: Oh yeah. When I was a kid, I’d go through a pack of Fruit Stripe gum in a weekend afternoon. Each piece lasted about 2 minutes before I’d give up. But the flavors were so good that I forgave it and would go straight to another piece. /nostalgia

  16. morganlh85 says:

    Stride is the only gum I chew now. I love it. I think it really does last longer.

  17. thesupreme1 says:

    For me a piece of Stride gum lasts about 5 hours before it finally loses it’s flavor. I don’t really chew it much, just kinda leave it there to chew on once a minute or so. It tends to last longer the less you chew.

  18. gc3160thtuk says you got your humor in my sarcasm and you say you got your sarcasm in my humor says:

    Double Bubble is like chewing a rubber ball with a huge burst of nasty sweetness at first. I actually chew pretty much any kind of gum I have on hand though but if I chew the cheap stuff then I keep having to spit it out and replace it every 15 minutes. I work retail sales and gum is my friend all day long, before this job I abhorred gum chewing and have undergone TMJ treatment for numerous years so couldn’t chew it back then if I had wanted to. Now though I am obsessive about making sure I always have good gum on me at all times.

  19. xredgambit says:

    I prefer Winerfresh gum. That gum always seems to last forever for me. And it was tastey

  20. babaki says:

    stride fruit flavor is really good. it reall doesnt last any longer than any other regular gum, but its good. so i buy it.

  21. theblackdog says:

    Maybe I’ll try Stride, but I still love Orbitz


  22. bunnymen says:

    In what universe is gum considered food?

    That aside, I really miss Mint-a-Burst. I could chew that stuff for hours.

  23. Spifferiferfied says:

    @TINKYXIII Be careful about chewing too much sugar free gum. Most use sorbitol as the sugar substitute and too much of that will give you some lovely side effects.

  24. cryrevolution says:

    @Chris Walters: Holy crap, flashback! I loooved that gum as a kid, but you’re right, it lasted about 15 seconds for me. But I kept buying it for the colorful packaging & flavor. Heh, I was a kid, colorful things just seemed right. And I prefer Orbitz to Stride. Orbitz seems to have better flavors.

  25. fisherman23 says:

    Fruit Stripe has by far the longest lasting flavor, 4 seconds.

  26. Parapraxis says:

    BlackBlack gum from japan is really good. The mintiness lasts for a while, and the oolong tea extract works wonders due to the natural caffeine.

    Swear to god, the wrapper says, “HI-TEC CHEWING!”