How Long Does Stride Chewing Gum Actually Last?

No commercial claim is so trivial that it can’t be tested and documented online, apparently, which is why Cheap Eats has performed a gum-chewing test for Stride gum, the brand that claims its flavor will last so long that gum sales will plummet and put the company out of business. (If that claim is true, we think there’s a shareholder lawsuit waiting to happen.) So how long does the flavor last? Somewhere around 30-45 minutes, depending on what you consider “flavor.”

The notes for the test are a monument to scientific inquiry—we think Consumer Reports or the CPSC might want to take a look:

4:43 PM – Initial big “sugary” rush of flavor is gone, but minty flavor remains strong.
5:07 PM – I feed the cat. I let it smell the gum and it wasn’t interested.
5:13 PM – OK, now starting to notice a definite loss in both minty flavor and the sweetness of the gum. I’m almost glad that sugar-free bleah taste has gone away. It’s beginning to taste like clay. How do those baseball ball-players do it? Oh, right – they’re chewing steriod-infused tobacco, not gum.

Stride Gum [Cheap Eats]
(Image: Stride commercial)

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