Google In Talks With Verizon About Putting Its Software On Their Phones?

Google’s not answering any questions, and Verizon is being all coy about it, but anonymous sources have told the press that the two companies are in talks right now over installing Google apps on Verizon phones—an interesting idea, though not quite as dramatic as installing the full-fledged phone operating system that Google has supposedly been working on for a while now. The big questions (for consumers) are: will Google apps help subsidize the cost of phones or plans, or will Verizon just invent new inefficiencies to justify swallowing any new revenue? And will Google applications mean ads before making calls or sending an email? Also, Google already has some great (and totally free) applications out there for mobile devices—so what could they be offering through Verizon that’s so special?

The Wall Street Journal says Google will announce its general phone plans for 2008 sometime in the middle of November, which we hope will clear things up. In the meantime, someone at Google should maybe remind the others that talking about business opportunities with a U.S. cell phone carrier doesn’t quite fall into the “do no evil” category.

“Google in talks with Verizon Wireless: sources” [Reuters]