Airport Security Lapses Revealed On PBS Exposé

The latest episode of PBS’s Exposé shows local new investigators uncovering three different chasms in airport security. At one airport, a graveyard shift security guard lets in employees and delivery guys without doing a security screening, how easy it is to walk up to a regional commercial jet, and a woman with a IED taped to her leg getting past the TSA. The full show is available for free online.

EPISODE 219:Security Theater [PBS]


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  1. ZekeDMS says:

    I wish I had more to say than “Well, duh.”

    I had a freaking travel bag full of silverware(forks and knives. Yes, the metal kind)whick I took through the airport security almost every day unknowingly(normally a travel bag, but it served as a work bag then, and my daily equipment was heavy enough to make me not notice other stuff), not stopped once in four months. The only time I was ever stopped was because a soda can looked strange on the x-ray.

  2. Heh, shit. I love the political run around they got. Classic.

  3. This actually reminds me of the time I accidentally got a pocket knife through security at Ontario Airport in Ontario, California. By the time I realized I was carrying it (IN PLAIN SIGHT), I was already through security. I surrendered it on principle after I realized I had it, but I should mention… this was at 9:00 PM while TSA was still on duty.

  4. LucyInTheSky says:

    this is like big brother’s dorky weakling of a younger sibling.

  5. KJones says:

    I’ve seen things for sale in the duty free shops *after* clearing customs that were banned on flights, like scissors and pocket knives. I could have bought them and walked onto a plane without being checked.

    As well, I’ve had airport security wave me in carrying a cup of coffee (I was willing to finish and then go in). When I got to the metal detector, they wouldn’t let me carry it through, but it didn’t go through any detection, I just put down *outside* of the detectors and then picked it up afterward. I could have entered the airport and gotten on a plane with a grenade hidden in the coffee and nobody would have stopped me. That’s frightening.