14,431,550 Products Recalled For Lead Contamination Since January

Consumerist’s ongoing lead recall tally has reached 14,431,550 products recalled just for lead in the first 10 months of 2007. October, in addition to increasing our product tally, also saw the debut of two new countries of origin for lead recalls. Welcome, Taiwan and Vietnam!

October’s lead recalls involved lead tainted products from (formerly) trusted brands such as Disney’s “Baby Einstein” and Fisher-Price’s “Dora The Explorer,” but lead tainted products are showing up everywhere. Even on top of cakes.

For example: Does your child like football? Did you get him or her a cake with an NFL bobblehead on it? Did you let them lick the frosting off of the cake decorations? Bad idea. 80,000 NFL-themed cake decorations were recalled for lead contamination.

Maybe you bought some “ugly teeth” party favors for your kids Halloween party? You know, the ones they put in their mouths so it looks like they have awful teeth? Bad idea. Some of those have been recalled because they are tainted with lead paint. Or maybe ugly teeth weren’t your thing, but you picked up “skull” candy dispenser? Or a Halloween candy pail from Family Dollar?

Happy Halloween.

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