Now you can pay Best Buy to host at your amateur pr0ns instead of waiting for them to steal them. They’ve launched a subscription based video sharing website. Plans start at $6.97 for 100 minutes of video hosting and video lengths up to 30 minutes each. Good luck with that. [CNNMoney]


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  1. Manok says:

    wow. I wish I could work at BB corporate and come up with “good” ideas all day long like these and sleep at night.

  2. mandarin says:

    Somehow I can picture Dilbert’s boss working in a place like that…

  3. Hitchcock says:

    I wonder how they expect to compete with all the free video hosting sites out there? Maybe bring in your tapes and BestBuy will upload them for you?

    I know a lot of people get confused when it comes to encoding files to be small enough to upload. However most consumer oriented video editing software now have predefined settings for YouTube and other online sites.

  4. bigat says:

    Can’t wait until the managers start forcing the sales reps to push this onto their customers.

    I vote we start a pool on how long this will last.
    I say 2mo.

  5. mammalpants says:

    wow. they must be out drinkin late at night with the CNN Pipeline subscription guys.

    (CNN Guy)
    “You know what we can do with the public news? Charge $9.95 a month for it! I love you, man!”

    (Best Buy Guy)
    “Oh yeah? You know that YouTube thing? Well, I think people would pay for that sort of stuff, postin videos and what not. I mean, hell, they pay for extended warranties and stu…oh man i done crapped my slacks.”

  6. CumaeanSibyl says:

    Maybe they’re looking to tap the camwhore market? Too bad a whole bunch of porno-based YouTube derivatives already exist.