Children's Place Store Closes Again After Another Scabies Outbreak

Scabies! The Children’s Place store at Brookfield Square Mall, in Brookfield, WI has closed again after employees again became infected with the scabies.

The store closed voluntarily, and it’s unlikely that children could contract scabies from shopping at a store. From TMJ4:

Waukesha County public health officials say The Children’s Place went above and beyond what’s necessary by shutting their doors. A doctor there says it’s very unlikely a child could catch scabies just from shopping at a clothing store. Scabies is usually spread through prolonged skin to skin contact.

Still, regular shoppers were worried.

One woman told TODAY’S TMJ4’s Lauren Leamanczyk she’s not sure the problem is solved.

“If it closed once and they re-opened after the first time, how can we know they got the disease out the second time,” Jane Krawes asked.

Scabies Closes Children’s Place Store Again [TMJ4]


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  1. Macaulay Culkin’s photo from Home Alone would have made that story sick

  2. mainfr4me says:

    Ugh, and that’ right down the road from my office. Thank you Wisconsin for making me proud!

  3. adamondi says:

    Scabies is usually spread through prolonged skin to skin contact.

    This is completely untrue. Scabies can be spread through a variety of non-skin-contact methods. Sharing towels, for instance, or bedding with a person who has scabies. It is not necessary to have prolonged skin to skin contact at all.

  4. adamondi says:

    @adamondi: And when I say “bedding,” I mean sharing bedding like sheets and blankets.

  5. girly says:

    Just reading about this makes my skin crawl.
    I’m glad they chose to close, hopefully there’s some kind of scabies-proofing going on.

  6. porschegal says:

    What is the rational possibility that other stores in this same mall have been contaminated? There’s been nothing reported in the Milwaukee media about that being examined.

  7. SJActress says:

    It’s just scabies! I know it sounds disgusting, but it’s the same thing as head lice or chicken pox. Most people have had it, and it’s not some killer disease.
    If they really want to figure out which employee is spreading it, they need to see which has the most kids. I’m telling you, families with lots of kids get scabies more often because of the communal contact. They’re not bad people or anything, they just have more kids who share more things in the household, and have contact with a lot more kids than a single child home.
    ‘Course, it IS a kid’s store, but I highly doubt it originates THERE after the first shutdown…

  8. BigNutty says:

    How does a business rebound after a story publicised like that? Would you not have an issue taking your kid in there again?

  9. rptrcub says:

    Isn’t scabies primarily transmitted through sexual contact? If so, EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

  10. l951b951 says:

    @BigNutty: Big business will rebound because Americans have 15 second memories. Just like the tainted tylenol scare.

  11. girly says:

    @SJActress: I know it doesn’t reflect on the people who get it, I just imagine I would be extremely depressed if it happened to me.

    I don’t like the idea of little bugs burrowing into my skin.