Cablevision will raise the cost of its average video package by 4.7% starting in December. It says the cost of its Internet and digital phone services will remain the same through 2008. [Reuters]

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  1. lalala1949 says:

    time to cancel the cable and go with Netflix

  2. HeyThereKiller says:

    … … thats… um… … comcastic?

  3. Narockstar says:

    Cablevision is already way overpriced. I have cable (no premium channels) + internet + DVR and it costs $122 a month!

  4. m. mangosteen says:

    So lame – I didn’t switch to fios yet because it seemed like too much trouble for basically the same price, but now I might look into it again.

  5. Ausoleil says:

    We have price certainty for two years with our Sat provider and after that it’s time to head over to good ole Customer Retention…whether or not we’re contemplating switching. I have no problem leveraging the TV content companies against one another and it has paid off every time.

  6. Veeber says:

    I’m so glad I just switched to DirectTV

  7. macinjosh says:

    The remote controls still cost $0.22. If that had gone up, I’d have cancelled.