Site Of Most Infamous Mob Murder In NY History Is Now A Starbucks

The site of the most infamous mob murder in New York City history is now a Starbucks, but does anyone care? Nah. We certainly don’t care… but it’s a chance to learn about a mob murder:

From AMNewYork:

Albert Anastasia, the powerful leader of Murder Inc., a man believed to be have personally killed 36 people, stopped in what was then a barber shop in the Park Sheraton Hotel’s lobby on West 57th Street. As he dozed in the chair, two gunmen walked in and fired a barrage of lead into the crime boss.

Meyer Berger, who covered the murder for the New York Times, wrote at the time, “Anastasia fell to the floor … One pudgy hand was outstretched. The fluorescent lights kicked fire from the diamonds in his fat finger ring. He lay still.”

The murderers were never caught.

It is difficult today to stand on tiled floor of the Starbucks and imagine the pool of blood where the man nicknamed “The Executioner” once lay.

Now people sip 750 calorie fraps while they type poetry on computers at the very spot where a mass murder was murdered.

“You think people care?” says one barista, out on a smoke break and checking her Sidekick, and who, as per company policy, would not give her name. “That was 50 years ago. Trust me. They just want their coffee and they want to get on their way.”

Infamous mob murder site now a Starbucks [AMNY via Starbucks Gossip]


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  1. Trevor says:

    It was mob murder for christ’s sake, I’m with the barisit, gimmie my coffee and shut up

  2. Dickdogfood says:

    Not that there aren’t too many Starbucks here as it is, but the people who might think this is some kinda desecration are the same dillholes who buy The Sopranos Family Cookbook or fetishize New York City “grit” for its own sake.

  3. erockO says:

    this is nothing special in NY

  4. cde says:

    “You think people care?” says one barista, out on a smoke break and checking her Sidekick, and who, as per company policy, would not give her name. “That was 50 years ago. Trust me. They just want their coffee and they want to get on their way.”

    I like her :D

  5. mmcnary says:

    This just in… Starbucks has just opened two new Starbucks, inside existing Starbucks.

  6. celer says:

    The real question to ask yourself is what did this do for the density of starbucks per a square mile in that area.

    View Larger Map

    Thank goodness, they managed to stuff another one in there, you would want to have to walk another block to find a nearby starbucks.

  7. homerjay says:

    Hey, at least its not a WalMart.

  8. Buran says:

    The problem is that if you try to preserve every spot where something happened at some point in the past, you will have lots of space that can’t be re-used. I’d say that perhaps a historical marker could be attached to a wall (I work in a building that has one, and it’s very tasteful) so that those who want to stop and read it can.

  9. Trai_Dep says:

    I think they’re missing a great opportunity. Imagine a chalk outline of Anastasia’s body, along with his barber chair, with a discreet (tasteful!) bookshelf filled with Mike Hammer novels. My iPod Touch ITMS list updating to include the oevre of Nick Cave… I know I’D go blocks out of my way to suck up coffee juice there.

    Yeah, I was the middle school kid in black listening to Joy Division – how can you tell?

  10. TPIRman says:

    @Buran: I don’t think anyone is arguing that this spot ought to have been preserved. It’s just a point of interest.

  11. GenXCub says:

    Actually, the possibility of any address in any city spontaneously becoming a Starbucks is pretty high. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue… starbucks…

  12. Anonymous says:

    A murderous thug died? Great!

    Put up a plaque and give me my damned Americano.

  13. behrens says:

    celer makes the best point of all: what in gods name does midtown manhattan need with another starbucks?

  14. sporesdeezeez says:

    I think it’s very fitting, really. There’s not much more of posthumous snub I can think of, and few people more deserving. Though I’m an Italian-American, and I enjoy mob-based fiction, I don’t let it translate into some misplaced romance for real-life mobsters. Real-life mobsters are scumbags, and the only thing that’s tragic about this spot becoming a Starbucks is that we noticed.

  15. King of the Wild Frontier says:

    I’m with the barista. Murder tourists creep my shit out.

  16. FLConsumer says:

    I find it somewhat poetic. American, larger-than-life mobster murders replaced by American, larger-than-life capitalist companies.

    I personally think Starf*ck’s is terribly overrated. I’m also with Celer on this one. Do we really need another Starf*cks or bank on the streets of Manhattan?

    Also, it wouldn’t hurt if Starf*cks would make their stores a little different inside, maybe actually reflect the area they’re in. They’re all so bland and identical.

  17. leadhyena says:

    It’s like that recent book by Gibson. Soon you’ll have tourists with AR goggles on connected to the internet checking out the places where people died as if it were real-time. Yeah, it is creepy that we can raise ghosts like that. That barista is shortsighted to the implications of famous deaths on your property, and with current technology it’ll only get worse.

  18. louisb3 says:

    @celer: I don’t think the goal is to create lots of nearby Starbuckses as much as it is to increase their total capacity; if a coffee shop has long lines, open another one nearby!

  19. sibertater says:

    @FLConsumer: *blank look*