Inside The Mind Of A 9 Year-Old File-Sharer

TorrentFreak has posted an interview with a 9 year-old girl who uses LimeWire.

She has some interesting thoughts about DRM vs Downloading, and we’re somewhat inclined to agree with her…

TF. Do you think its legal or illegal to copy a CD or DVD?

– Some men right, they sell you a DVD at the market but when you get home it doesn’t play, that’s illegal.

TF. Why is it illegal?

– Duh!! Because they tell you it works and when you get it home it’s rubbish and jumps in the middle and its a waste of money!

We’ve never been big fans of “Kids Say The Darnedest Things”, but we now realize that had Bill Cosby been asking children to interpret copyright law, we would have been enthralled.

Inside the Mind of a 9 Year Old File-Sharer [TorrentFreak via Kottke]

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