Tommy Hilfiger Only Available At Macy's

Macy’s and designer Tommy Hilfiger have reached a deal that will make the store Hilfiger’s exclusive “department store” retailer.

“It will increase the number of Hilfiger shops in high-volume Macy’s stores, renovate and upgrade existing shops and feature Hilfiger collections in its marketing campaigns,” according to CNNMoney.

Tommy Hilfiger will still operate its own free-standing stores and sell merchandise on its website, but the rest belongs to Macy’s. Is Tommy Hilfiger still cool? Macy’s thinks so:

“This is a very big deal for us,” the chief executive of Macy’s, Terry J. Lundgren, told the New York Times. “Tommy is very significant brand.”

Whatever you say, Terry. Ours is not to reason why.

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