Tommy Hilfiger Only Available At Macy's

Macy’s and designer Tommy Hilfiger have reached a deal that will make the store Hilfiger’s exclusive “department store” retailer.

“It will increase the number of Hilfiger shops in high-volume Macy’s stores, renovate and upgrade existing shops and feature Hilfiger collections in its marketing campaigns,” according to CNNMoney.

Tommy Hilfiger will still operate its own free-standing stores and sell merchandise on its website, but the rest belongs to Macy’s. Is Tommy Hilfiger still cool? Macy’s thinks so:

“This is a very big deal for us,” the chief executive of Macy’s, Terry J. Lundgren, told the New York Times. “Tommy is very significant brand.”

Whatever you say, Terry. Ours is not to reason why.

Macy’s and Hilfiger Strike Exclusive Deal [New York Times]
Macy’s enters agreement with Tommy Hilfiger [CNNMoney]


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  1. hapless says:

    “Hilfiger shops” ?

  2. newlywed says:

    now all they need is an exclusive with coach and crocs and people can dress up from head to toe in nastiness!!

  3. SOhp101 says:

    Ew. No one wears Tommy Hilfiger and flaunts it.

    Sounds like it’s a perfect match for Macy’s.

  4. DrGirlfriend says:

    Tommy Hilfiger is always to be found at steep discounts at my local Marshalls and Ross Dress for Less.

  5. RandomHookup says:

    The truth is that Tommy’s been banned at all the other retailers because he went on Oprah and said that….what? Not true?

    Never mind.

  6. clickertrainer says:

    Tommy Hilfiger clothes look like 80’s Gap clothes….think I’ll pass.

  7. cindel says:

    I love TH; sorry but it’s the only “cool” clothes that will fit my fat ass.

    Did they get rid of their Tommy for Women because I can’t seems to find it anywhere anymore.

  8. amoeba says:

    When I was in a Girl’s Secondary School in the 90s, it was a trend to have at least one T.H. item. I had a navy blue sweater (my school that year switch from grey sweaters to navy blue sweaters). So, I guess it was cool back then. I don’t like TH anymore.

    DRGIRLFRIEND, you are soooooo right. I’ve also seen TH clothes at TJMaxx. This brand is pretty ghetto for my taste.

  9. tseabrooks says:

    Mmm, One thing I can say about T.H. products. The bedding is very nice. The clothes, meh.

  10. Jaysyn was banned for: says:

    Hilfiger clothes are some of the most gaudy crap I’ve ever seen.

  11. dazette says:

    Yessss!!!!!! Tommy pants with a Donald Trump shirt. We’re struttin’ now. Thank G-d for Macy’s to keep us current on all the latest fashion trends.

    Oh, and since Macy’s swallowed up pretty much all the other department stores in the country TH merchandise being “exclusive” to Macy’s is a big deal, how?

  12. B says:

    Clothes I don’t want to buy only available at a place I don’t want to shop. How convenient.

  13. mammalpants says:

    they should put it with tommy bahama and create a tommytownâ„¢!

    dads of the world rejoice!

  14. tadowguy says:

    Hey check out my new clothing line. I’m going to take shirts from the same Vietnamese sweatshop that they sell at Target and do this:

    Frank [Blue/Red/Blue] Rizzo

    That’ll be $60 please.

  15. drjayphd says:

    So what does this mean for Har Mar Superstar’s “Baby Do You Like My Clothes?”

    “Someone please get her out of that Tommy Gear/I saw that shirt at TJ Maxx, double X earlier this year.”

  16. royal72 says:

    silly tommy hilfiger, why are you wasting time? just skip ahead to walmart already.

  17. MameDennis says:

    Yeah, the TH clothes don’t do it for me, either. BUT, I bought a TH comforter at Macy’s. The packing was slightly damaged, so I netted a $250 blanket for $25. As soon as I got home, I trimmed off the stupid-ass TH ribbon, leaving me with a REALLY nice comforter sans the dumbass logo.

    I don’t care how nice the merch is, I don’t want to wear–or wake up to–a logo.

  18. rdldr1 says:

    The 1990s called, they want their Tommy Hilfiger clothes back.

  19. mopar_man says:

    What does Hilfiger have that no one else has? No big deal to me.

  20. hyperlexis says:

    #1. TH lost its cachet about +10 years ago. I shudder to think who would think this was exclusive couture and be proud of wearing it.

    #2. Unless they change the name on the door back to Marshall Field’s they wont be getting a damn nickel of mine.

    #3. The shareholders should hang Terry Lundgren from the highest oak tree in Ohio for what this moron has done. Macy’s North (MF) is bleeding to death and the other divisions are doing poorly as well. Shoppers from the former May Company stores have rejected Macy’s like a virus. Way to shop….

  21. mom22bless says:

    TH is ghetto now. Soooo 1997!!!!!!!!!!

  22. King of the Wild Frontier says:

    Oh, good. Now TH will only clutter up the men’s dept. of a store that I don’t go to.