Credit Card Companies Say TJ Maxx Breach Affected 94 Million Accounts

According to new court papers, Visa and Mastercard are saying that the TJ Maxx security breach actually affected 94 million accounts—more than double the amount that TJ Maxx reported.

The new estimate is part of a lawsuit by the credit card companies against Fifth Third Bancorp and TJX (parent company of Marshalls and TJ Maxx, among others).

Visa says that their fraud related costs are in the neighborhood of $68 – $83 million, and will only go up as more thieves use the stolen data.


TJX data breach may involve 94 million credit cards [USAToday]


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  1. davidc says:

    Just WoW!

    So, it’s safe to say that just about every middle class American just had their security breached?

    Oh My …

  2. gatopeligroso says:

    This might seem extreme, but once every 6 months, I “lose” my wallet and have to have all of my cards replaced. Once all my new cards have arrived, I “find” my wallet and destroy the old cards.

  3. pyloff says:

    Nothing to see here move along people…

  4. Imaginary_Friend says:

    Wow! Unreal. What I’d like to know is how consumers can recoup their “fraud related costs” when Visa and Mastercard lie to them or flat out refuse to reveal the source of these security breaches? When I called Mastercard to see if my card had been affected, they wouldn’t tell me a damn thing no matter how many layers of customer support I went through.

  5. dazette says:

    I just find it hard to believe that 94 million different people used charge cards at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. There is more to the story here than we are being told, in my opinion.

  6. BigNutty says:

    With all the technical advances in recent years why has there not been a way to figure out how to protect our credit card information from being used fraudulently?

  7. DarthSensei says:

    I went to a local store some time ago and they cut my credit card up as stolen. When I was finally able to speak with my credit union, after waiting all weekend, they told me they had reported all their cards that way to “protect us” from the TJ Max fiasco.

    This is of course bullshit since I’m not liable at all for theft. So, rather than risk theft for themselves, they chose instead to humiliate me and many other members.

  8. DePaulBlueDemon says:

    That number is astronomical… Am I missing something?