Comcast BitTorrent Meddling Draws The Attention Of Congress

Comcast’s meddling with BitTorrent has prompted a member of congress to say something nice about file sharing. Aww!

“Comcast has made a major mistake in attempting to hinder peer-to-peer file sharing as an aspect of its network management,” Rick Boucher, D-Va told CNet’s Chris Soghoian. “The inability of customers to (share files) significantly diminishes their ability to utilize the Internet for one of its most important applications, which is user-to-user content.”

He also noted that “file sharing is already being used for a wide variety of perfectly lawful and appropriate applications.”

That’s nice, but will Comcast’s shady dealings with BitTorrent prompt congress to address net neutrality? Reply hazy. Try again.

Congressman to Comcast: Stop interfering with BitTorrent [CNet]

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