AT&T Looking To Purchase DirecTV?

The Wall Street Journal has it in their pretty little heads that AT&T is in the market for either EchoStar or DirecTV. And hey, why not? AT&T owns everything else.

Just last week we realized that we’d forgotten to water our basil plant and when we opened the window we found that it had merged with AT&T. True story.

From BusinessWeek:

The Wall Street Journal reported that the San Antonio-based telecommunications company is “contemplating a bid for one of the two major players” in satellite-TV, and “now that consolidation in the telephone industry is mostly done, AT&T appears to be getting ready to swoop in.”

According to the newspaper, AT&T has been reviewing what steps would be needed and how long it would take to get government approval for such a deal. If it decides to go forward, AT&T would likely make the offer before the end of the year, seeking to get it done before the current administration is out of office, the Journal said.

AT&T would need about $40 billion to buy one of the satellite tv companies, speculates BusinessWeek.

Ahead of the Bell: AT&T eyeing DISH? [BusinessWeek]

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