AT&T Looking To Purchase DirecTV?

The Wall Street Journal has it in their pretty little heads that AT&T is in the market for either EchoStar or DirecTV. And hey, why not? AT&T owns everything else.

Just last week we realized that we’d forgotten to water our basil plant and when we opened the window we found that it had merged with AT&T. True story.

From BusinessWeek:

The Wall Street Journal reported that the San Antonio-based telecommunications company is “contemplating a bid for one of the two major players” in satellite-TV, and “now that consolidation in the telephone industry is mostly done, AT&T appears to be getting ready to swoop in.”

According to the newspaper, AT&T has been reviewing what steps would be needed and how long it would take to get government approval for such a deal. If it decides to go forward, AT&T would likely make the offer before the end of the year, seeking to get it done before the current administration is out of office, the Journal said.

AT&T would need about $40 billion to buy one of the satellite tv companies, speculates BusinessWeek.

Ahead of the Bell: AT&T eyeing DISH? [BusinessWeek]


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  1. 8abhive says:

    Oh, yea. That’d be fantastic. No really. *^&#$&*!

  2. v12spd says:

    Don’t they already have a stake in or a part of Dish Network?

  3. pcvirgil says:

    I’ve had Directv for about 7 years now. I went with Dish network for a year, but Directv has the better customer service. But if they are bought out by AT&T, I will cancel my service and go back to Dish network. AT&T is a company I will not give any of my money to. I did not move to a certain area, because it was serviced by AT&T. Down with AT&T.

  4. @v12spd: That’s what I was wondering. I though AT&T already had a significant portion of EchoStar…

  5. Cary says:

    Just less competition for their new fiber network.

    Bush-whacked again.

  6. Trumps says:

    @pcvirgil: lol all customer service is the same. Some reps are good and some suck. All of them are all in the same building over in India/Pakistan.

  7. Trumps says:

    BTW AT&T just has a affiliation with Dish Network. They do have their own receivers that Dish Network will install though.

  8. v12spd says:

    @Trumps: That makes a bit more sense then, because I know my parents used to get a discount for bundling our Dish service with our other AT&T products. Though oddly they would never bundle the International Dish Network dish and receivers we had.

  9. darkclawsofchaos says:

    meh… heard worse, but I gotta hand it to for consistency, I just love how they always protray AT&T as the Empire in Star Wars, love those pics

  10. Sam2k says:

    There has been speculation for a while that AT&T was looking to buy the Dish part of EchoStar, which is possible. However, I don’t see a AT&T owned DirecTV in the near future.

  11. timmus says:

    Let’s make no bones about it… AT&T is basically SBC with a Halloween mask on. One alternative take on this is the idea of SBC taking over DirecTV.

  12. dink23 says:

    Both dish and Directv are affiliated with AT&T as part of their home zone service. The SBC arm of AT&T sells dish network while the BellSouth arm sells Directv. So either could be gobbled up if the price is right.

  13. tadowguy says:

    If I am a Dish subscriber can I get out of my agreement if a new company buys them? Seriously. I refuse to do business with AT&T.

  14. azntg says:

    More to add to AT&T Knowledge Ventures, L.P., eh? Ma Bell is back, boys! And this time, with a vengeance!

    I don’t like this one bit. Hopefully the FCC will intervene and go the way of XM + Sirius. Seriously, there’s way too many corporate mergers and companies overdiversifying. Not too surprisingly, quality and service seems to go down almost every time…

  15. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    This is just a sign of things to come. Eventually all telecommunications and information services will be owned/offered by one or two mega-corporations. With all these mergers and acquisitions over the years, it appears that the AT&T monopoly is slowly forming again. Deregulation has failed.

  16. homerjay says:

    Just so you know, I hated AT&T before it was cool to…. :)


  17. bohemian says:

    You can still use those old style huge sat dishes and get HD and just about every cable channel. Not practical if you live in an apartment or a place with lots of trees. If AT&T gets their mitts on DirecTV that is one less option.

    The FCC couldn’t see a monopoly if it smacked them upside the head.

  18. MauriceReeves says:

    I can’t imagine Verizon’s too happy with this idea. They’ve been bundling service with DirecTV for a while.

    It of course adds a whole new dimension to AT&T’s domestic spying operations.

    “Mr. Smith, we know you called someone in Spain while you were chatting with someone on MySpace late last night *AND* you were watching ‘Flat-Chested Nymphos on the Farmyard’ on TV. Are you sure you don’t have anything else you’re hiding?”

  19. niccernicus says:


    I wonder how this affects my AT&T bundling with Dish Network service. If they buy DirectTv, I can only imagine the horror and inconvenience that I’ll be jumping thru hoops for to get everything back into a normal state of reality. I mean, it took a blog and countless emails to get them to get my HD situation worked out, so I can only imagine the problems when a new provider comes in.

    Since my family are/were AT&T employees, I hope for the best for them, but I seriously am praying this doesn’t happen with DirectTv.

  20. twoback says:

    Isnt Directv in the process of closing a deal with Liberty Media?

    If this happened with AT&T, I think I could kiss our chances of having TiVO again with DirectTV goodbye.

  21. Ausoleil says:

    I suppose Sirius and/or XM would logically follow after they get DTV or Dish.

  22. Sytteg says:


    There is a Dish Network call center in my building and a DirecTV call center a few miles away. TV Guide is next door and down the street is Decision One the contracted call center for Sprint and many others. I don’t know if they are level 2 support but I am certainly not in Asia, Tulsa, OK to be exact.

  23. esqdork says:

    Dish maybe, but I don’t know why Rupert Murdoch would want to sell DirecTV which is part of his plan for worldwide media domination.

  24. mbrutsch says:

    That would so suck. I live in an apt. complex that is ‘pre-wired’, and has a community DirecTV dish. The only way I get TV is through a company called ATT Home Entertainment. All they offer is an extremely limited subset of the DirecTV options and services, and I despise them. Since the apt. complex has a contract with them, that’s the only TV I can get (besides rabbit ears). I’d really hate to see how badly ATT screws up DirecTV if they succeed in buying them.

  25. skinny2 says:

    @Tadowguy Stop signing contracts for this stuff! The $50 upfront savings isn’t worth the hassle if you want to change your mind down the road. I won’t sign another service contract for anything if I can help it. I buy my cell-phones used off Ebay so I don’t get stuck with a contract extension. These companies would stop abusing us if we all didn’t take their up-front hand-outs in exchange for long-term commitments to bad service.

  26. nursetim says:

    Sounds like you will need to replace the Death Star with the Borg cube. Resistance is futile, prepare to be assimilated.

  27. adity99 says:

    @TWOBACK-You’re right, I was reading up on it yesterday. Seems to be held up by the FCC for some bogus reasons (IMO). They have also announced new tivo updates for directv users. I’m holding off getting a HD TV till this all clears up. I love my tivo brand dvr w/ directv. I refuse to settle for anything less. May end up switching to Comcast (just as evil as ATT). I just want my TIVO!

  28. Crymson_77 says:

    @azntg: XM + Sirius already happened… where you been?

  29. n/a says:

    Ben whenever you have stories on companies that want to swallow whole a company who dont need to be doing this crap you need to put for example “a borg cube but the color of the cube in AT&T colors” that makes it more fun and humorous than a death star.

  30. m0unds says:

    @Crymson_77: XM + Sirius is still pending FCC approval…

  31. Ausoleil says:


    Sirius and XM have not officially merged. Shareholders for both companies will meet on Tuesday November 13, 2007, to vote on the proposed merger. Furthermore, the proposed merger has not been officially approved by the FCC, which would have to waive an agreement between themselves and each company respectively that no one company would ever own both services. The DOJ has not yet officially ruled on anti-trust concerns either.

    This merger is still very much in the air and has some significant hurdles left to clear before the two can combine operations.

    Personally, I’d love to have all of the programming (especially sports) combined…but I do hope that an AT&T or other large communications concern doesn’t swoop in and scoop up the (proposed) new company and bundle it with other services I don’t want or already have.

  32. MENDOZA!!!!! says:

    Clutching DirecTV/Tivo remote: Nnnnnoooooooooooo!!

  33. Sonnymooks says:


    Mr. Murdoch is on record as having referred to directv as a “turd” and also “shit” along with a bunch of other derogatory terms (in a shareholder meeting no less, nice huh?).

    If he has plans for “world wide media domination”, then he must feel directv is not going to be part of the way to go.

    FWIW, he has been looking to unload it for awhile, ever since he couldn’t get the merger he wanted due to anti-trust concerns (there is loads of irony here), but he may have devalued it with ALOT of his negative comments about it.

  34. Trick says:

    I’m with DirecTV now. If I had to choose between AT&T and Comcast, it would have to be Comcast. I use them for internet and they have been reasonable at $30 a month for a 4MB service.

    I did all I could to get away from AT&T and it is bad enough I’m back with them now since I originally started out as PacBell Cellular customer in ’98, which turned into Cingular and now AT&T…

    What AT&T has done and money spent to get me back…

  35. al691 says:

    If ATT takes over DirecTV, I will cancel Directv. I switched to ATT after they promised me a better plan then I had for the same price. It took me 9 months to get it straighten out, And actually it really isn’t. I’m paying about $10 more per month then was agreed to. But it’s better then what they were trying to charge me. They even tried to charge me for 2 DSL lines when there was only one.I wasted about 50 to 60 hours of my time trying to straighten out the billing. I’ve got the records to prove it. Almost every time i got the persons name and date/time sometimes I was switched (or had to call back) and spoke to as many as five people. When my contract is finished I’m leaving never to return to ATT. It took them more than 15 years to get me back, and they blew it.

  36. Wanda Barr says:

    v12spd, yes, u r correct about that. I just found out today that they have a steak in Dish Network bc I have Dish Network and I have AT&T, I wanted to get out of AT&T so I called up Dish Network to have my phone and internet all combined with my satilite TV and that’s when they told me that they are affilated with AT&T for the phone service and internet services.