OLPC Production Delay Means Shortage Of $188 Laptops This Holiday Season

If you’re planning on taking part in the One Laptop Per Child “Buy 1 Give 1” sale next month, be warned that there have been delays in starting production. Although everything is now up and running, the foundation is predicting a shortage of laptops and said that although some U.S. and Canadian customers may see their personal laptops arrive before the end of 2007, orders would be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

The CTO for the foundation says, “We had some last-minute bugs. We’ve resolved them.” Production was supposed to have begun this month, but now is slated to begin November 12th, the same day the 2-week “Buy 1 Give 1” sale starts. Because of this, they will have trouble meeting consumer demand in North America while working to fill current orders from Peru and Uruguay before summer vacation begins in December.

We don’t begrudge the foundation keeping its focus on the real goal of the project—you should just know that if you participate in the program, the odds are good you won’t see your laptop in time to give it as a Christmas gift or anything.

“Laptop foundation production delay means shortage” [Reuters]



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  1. DarthSensei says:

    Anybody else wondering if this is the age old marketing tactic of intentionally delaying or reducing supply to artificially increase demand? Similar to Nintendo Wii.

  2. rmz says:

    Forget these things, I’m looking forward more to the ASUS Eee PCs: [en.wikipedia.org]

    Roughly $250-300 for an ultraportable laptop with passable specs? Obviously it wouldn’t handle games or Photoshop, but for basic stuff it’s going to be great. Mainly I just want it for easy ultra-portable web browsing and e-mail access, perhaps with a smattering of OpenOffice use.

  3. 3ZKL says:

    @rmz: the XO is not meant to be a ‘PC’. in fact, im pretty sure my old gameboy has better ‘specs’. one of the guys working on the project came to speak where i work last week. the thing is amazing. it really is meant for kids. especially those without access to any other modern computers. mostly because its NOT a modern computer. it totally makes you rethink how a computer is used.

    the fact that intel got interested in the project just goes to show that all the big players are going to step up to the plate sooner or later. OLPC is going to change the entire market for entry level stuff. and hopefully it will change the way we all look at computing today.