Citibank: Everything You Buy Is Fraud, No Matter What You Say

Reader Jim writes:


Citicards is losing my business. In the process of buying my house, I was buying many large purchases – window treatments, washer and dryer, and other things you never think of. As I expected, Citi got a little suspicious of this activity. Instead of calling me and asking about them, they just started rejecting charges outright. That’s embarrassing to say the least. I called and asked them if they would put all the charges through, and to expect more because I was buying a house. They told me that all my charges would go through.

Cut to this past weekend while I’m waiting at home for my washer and dryer to be delivered. After waiting all morning I call Best Buy to get an update, and they tell me that the credit card company canceled my order. I call Citi back, and they have no record of that order or of canceling it. I assure them that I did order it, I have the receipt, and they did cancel it, and they proceed to argue with me. Then, of course, I get the obligatory sales pitch when I’m trying to get rid of them.

Needless to say, I’ll be canceling my Citicard as soon as my balance is paid off. This is the second time this has happened to me or my wife, and it is two times too many.


Jim just sent us an update. He still doesn’t have his appliances.

I’m still trying to get this sorted out. I’ve talked to them numerous times, and they still have canceled numerous transactions. Supposedly, there’s a note on my account saying that I authorized high priced purchases (like a washer and dryer), but every time I talk to someone, it’s like they haven’t spoken to me ever. “Fraudulent activity” had no idea that I had talked to customer service twice already the same day. What a bunch of crap.

It’s nice to know your credit card company is watching out for fraud, but if this is how disorganized they are when nothing is wrong—imagine how much fun they’ll be to deal with if something “bad” does happen. We’d get another card if we were you. There are some lovely deals to be had when transferring balances.


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