Why I Canceled Comcast

Reader “Mr. Pants” writes us with the story of why he canceled Comcast. It’s all the reasons that everyone cancels Comcast wrapped up into one spiffy complaint letter.


  • keeps billing him for his old service after he’s moved.

  • can’t fix his crappy reception.
  • is stingy with service credits.
  • misses scheduled appointments.
  • is overpriced.

    Mr. Pants writes:

    So I had Comcast.


    It went like this. Back in February26-March1ish, my wife and I moved into our new home. I called Comcast and asked them to move my service. They told me, “No problem!” and we agreed on a date and time-block. I had taken all of my equipment from the apartment with me (Digital Cable box and Cable Modem). The cable technician showed up at 5:15pm, even though they told me that he’d be there between noon and five. Okay, no big deal, so you can’t get here within a 5 or 6 hour timeblock. Just give me my interwebs.

    Fast forward 3 months. I had been paying my bill online using the same email address and password I originally created when I first opened my Comcast account 2 years prior. Suddenly my service is terminated. No TV, no www. Okay. What the heck right? I call Comcast, and they tell me, “Well you’re overdue by ~$300.00” That’s odd, I think to myself. But you know, maybe I just missed some of the bills and forgot to log in and pay them. So I tell them I’d login and pay the bill, since they charge you a service fee to give a credit card to a person over the phone. The person on the phone kindly transfers me to the tech support department, and they turn my internets back on for 48 hours pending payment. I log in, and note that I’m current, but it will allow me to pay next months bill which is only around $110.

    Great. Weird but fine whatever. 48 hours later, my cable goes back out again. Seriously WTF. So I call Comcast again. “Guys what the hell is going on. I KNOW I’m current.” They do some checking. And here’s where it gets interesting.

    “Sir, which account are you inquiring about? I have two listed under your name. Location A (Apartment) and Location H (House)….”

    Okay what the heck. I ask her, “Lady. I had you move my service, and I had a Comcast truck out in front of my house. Why is my apartment still active?”

    “So you no longer live there?”

    “No, my wife and I moved. Hence the service transfer.”

    “Okay sir, let me close your account here… It looks like it’s all set. Now the matter of the H account. It appears you haven’t paid the bill for this account since it was created in March.”

    “Are you KIDDING ME?? I asked you guys to MOVE my service, and you opened a new account in my name? Isn’t that identity theft? And do you not send someone to disconnect the old account when someone moves? And why am I still able to make payments online to that account? And why did you have to open a new account? Couldn’t you just change my address?”

    “Sir I can’t access that old account to check anything, it’s closed.”

    “Please get a manager on the phone right now.” So I sit on hold for around 15 minutes, all the while pacing around my house. I was Mr. Furious. Except I look like Wash from Firefly. So Mr. Furious with Wash’s face. No no I have it. Wash in Knocked-Up when he says, “Tight!” to the main character chick. His face is all mad looking.

    Finally the “Floor Manager” gets on the phone. I politely say, “Look, I know you’re just doing your job, and the screwup is in the system some where but here’s what happened….” And I proceed to explain what’s just transpired over the course of the last 3 months, up to and including the last 45 minutes on the phone with Comcast.

    She says, “Sir I’m very sorry about all of this, I’m accessing your old account now, and I’ll credit your new account with all of the payments you’ve made since you opened the new account.”

    “Hold up there professor. I didn’t open that account. You guys did. We need to be clear on this.”

    “Yes that’s right sir, sorry for the confusion. So I’ve credited your account with all of the payments you’ve made, which should take care of any problems you were having, and your balance is now ~$78.92.”

    I said, “Wow that’s interesting. My old account was current, but my new account is somehow over seventy dollars in the red?”

    “Yes sir.”

    “No seriously, listen to what I’m saying. My OLD account was current?”

    “Yes sir.”

    “My new account, that I didn’t create and have no login information for, is somehow over seventy dollars in the red?”

    “Yes sir.”

    “And you’re the manager on duty?”

    “Yes sir.”

    “Is there a manager’s manager on duty?” This was Friday of the Memorial day weekend. So she informed me that no there wouldn’t be a manager on site until Tuesday. I told her that I was extremely upset and that I would like a courtesy call on Tuesday. I told her the phone number on my account was my cell phone and that they could call me any time.

    Over a week passed and I did not hear from Comcast. I finally called back and talked to a gentleman that informed me that the $70+ was for the transfer of service or something. Possibly the new account activation. In any case, I was livid.

    I told him to rot in hell and that there was no way that I would pay that after I was already paying them over $1200/yr for their service, and that if they couldn’t handle a change of address, they didn’t deserve my money. Of course, this is after I had to re-explain my situation to the poor guy, which probably took a good 10 minutes.

    He apologized and had the charges dropped from my account.

    I was pretty pissed, but we had our services, and everything seemed on the up and up. I felt like Comcast should have given me some token of their appreciation for me not stabbing someone through the phone for all of the bullshit, but whatever. So they’re a shitty company. I had my service.

    Fast-forward a month. Our digital cable starts getting pretty flaky. The screen is getting blurry (pixelated?) and the sound keeps cutting out. I call Comcast. They tell me there is a known outage in the area and that they’d have it fixed. I ask them if they’re going to credit my account since the service outage is effecting my consumption of said service. They claim that it won’t be a problem. A week goes by, I call back. Same conversation. A week goes by, I call back. Same conversation.

    Finally the 4th or 5th week that I call and complain that our digital cable is screwy they tell me that there are no reported issues in the area. They schedule a tech for service. He comes out and replaces our digital cable box. Comcast offers to credit me for the time I called to the time the technician was on-site. The latest call mind you. A whopping $17 credit.

    Wow. I call again and complain. They tell me that I could call as soon as I have a service issue. I told them that I did, and that the CS personnel need to do a better job tracking who’s calling.

    A week goes by and my digital cable is screwy again. I call. A tech comes out the next day. He shows up at 3:15 after I asked for them to come between 5 and 7pm. He calls me on my cell phone. Great. Luckily I was running errands in the area so I could stop home. He turns on the cable box, and low and behold everything is working perfectly. He says, “There must have been a service outage in the area.” He tightens my coax connections and notes that it was a possible area outage on his call sheet.


    Next. Fricking. Day. My digital cable is pretty much out. Blurry, pixelated. Just ask Zach is so messed up I can’t understand a word he’s saying, but luckily I’ve seen the ad enough to know that it’s about Rain-Fade on the dish.

    Last nerve is reaching critical mass.

    I call Comcast again. Explain to them that I’m extremely upset. They say that they can schedule a tech to come out. Fine, but put me in touch with your billing department, I want to ask about my service and what I can do to save some money.

    So then I talk to billing. I ask what would it take to step down one internet package? I’m paying $45/mo. for 6mb. I don’t really NEED 6mb, and I’ve played games and downloaded stuff on my parents 3mb DSL that they only pay just over $20/mo. for.

    She tells me that they have a $24.99 package, but it’s only 768k up/down.

    Holy shit. That’s highway robbery. I politely tell her that internet bandwidth, while awesome, is kindof like McDonalds. It’s yummy and will fill you up, but over a certain amount you won’t notice it anymore and you feel shitty regardless of how much more you eat.

    Then she says she could save me money by putting me in a Digital Cable package with more stuff for only $80/mo for 6 months. Well holy crap what is it after 6 months? “The regular cost of 119.95 sir.” Oh. So then I’d be at around $170/mo instead of my $120?

    “Well… Yeah I guess you would..” She replies.

    So I ask her if I can just cancel my TV and keep my internet. She tells me that if I do that my internet service will go up by $15/mo. because I don’t have any television services.

    OMG are you serious? $60/mo. for this?

    “Bag it. Cancel it all. I am so sick and tired of you guys.”

    “We’re sorry to see you go sir.”

    NOT. SORRY. ENOUGH. Obviously.

    So I have no internet. The DSL equipment should be here this week. I will be back online as soon as I have a dial-tone. And on the bright side, DirectTV has the Big-Ten network. Finally I can watch UofM games again should my wife and I decide to get TV service of some sort. In any case, we don’t pay money to have people treat us like this. Too many people do, and I don’t think they realize there’s a shiny new world of alternatives out there.

    They will though.

    (Photo:Tyler Durden’s Imaginary Friend)


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  1. snazz says:

    i wish i could play the tiny violin right now…

  2. tasselhoff76 says:

    I hate cable.

  3. emona says:

    I stopped reading at ‘rot in hell’. Shame on you. Poor guy, indeed.

  4. chili_dog says:

    I don;t live in a comcast service area (Cox here) but all I can say is why would anyone at anytime voluntarily sign up for anything with Comcast. It’s obvious that they suck yak ass to the nth degree, and if you have no other choice I can understand that, but if there is a choice, why would anyone do it?

    • Anonymous says:


      We ALWAYS have a choice. Television is not a necessity . Even though, because of my location, I can’t get any television servcie other than Comcast cable, I am canceling. I’ll get my news via the internet and radio. Comcast service comes at too high a price to my self-respect. I call on all of those in this abusive relat ionship with Comcast to join with me in boycotting them until they learn the meaning of customer service and fair consumer practices.

  5. Nick says:

    Um, I don’t really see how this is any different than what every other cable company does. In fact, it seems like I’ve heard this exact story a million times on consumerist. And I think Mr. Pants has it wrong–there really isn’t a “shiny new world of alternatives out there.” Most people are stuck with a single cable company, with the only alternative being satellite for TV, and one phone company for DSL.

  6. PinkBox says:

    Too long to read…

  7. caederus says:

    I lucked out. When I called to move, after navigating their phone tree to the Move or cancel service line, I was told (by recorded message) that all operators were busy, please call back at a different time. After the 3rd time, I just assumed that if they don’t want to take my new information, that they didn’t want my business. So when I did get through, I used the cancel portion of the Move or cancel.

  8. Cogito Ergo Bibo says:

    @chili_dog: A lot of us don’t have a choice. Particularly if you live in an apartment where the lease specifies that you can’t put up a dish. It’s Comcast or forget it. Sucks to be us.

  9. Nick says:

    @Cogito Ergo Bibo: If I’m not mistaken, I think apartments, condos and HOAs are not allowed to forbid satellite dishes. There was some federal law passed about that a while ago.

  10. @chili_dog: I’ve got Cox too and they really aren’t any better. Monopoly isn’t just a game a McDonalds…

  11. MattO says:

    i definitely agree with the above posters – i live in a cox area, so i dont deal with comcast anymore, but i definitely had my problems with them. I canceled my service, which they never actually canceled, so I was charged another month. of course, it was auto-bill online, so my credit card got charged. Took them 2 months to reimburse me since the rebate check kept getting “lost in the mail”.

    Cox has been a bit better, but nothing stellar…and since i live in a condo, i have no choice – cant put up a dish.

  12. Bloberry says:

    I tried a year of DirecTV because I hated paying Comcast’s high rates. It truly wasn’t worth it. Every time it even looked like rain – the TV went dead. Rain fade, my buns! Rain Death is more like it. We had the dish adjusted and messed with many times. It didn’t make any difference. So back to nasty old Comcast I went. I don’t like it. The pixelating is terrible on the Digital cable. I could step down to the basic service, but it would save me less than $10 per month. The whole thing is a pain in butt. If I didn’t have kids who like to watch things on Cable channels, I’d pull the plug on TV altogether.

  13. JuliaD says:

    Quit harshing on the guy. This is an entertaining letter and the only problem is that its probably preaching to the choir in this forum. And people, you always have a choice.

  14. Xkeeper says:

    @schwnj: As always, my experiences with Cox were pretty much perfect (techs always on time, service rarely going out on their end). Any time there was a problem, it was usually fixed or a problem on our end (bad wiring)

    I recently moved, and we have Comcast here. The internet has gone out at least 7 times in the two week or so I’ve been here.

  15. Consumer-X says:

    Comcast unilaterally removed the NFL network from my list of channels. Good move Comcast, getting switched to Verizon FIOS on the 25th. Congratulations, for the sake of chiseling a few dollars per out of me you lost $1100 per year.
    PS I pay my bills 2x per month. For some strange reason I was always behind on my Comcast bill. It was almost as if I was paying 13x per year. Anyone else feel that way?

  16. backbroken says:

    Stay tuned for part 2: “Mr. Pants realizes DSL service is worse than Comcast.”

    Coming to a consumer web-site near you.

  17. Mike_ says:

    @Cogito Ergo Bibo: If you have an exclusive use area (e.g. balcony or patio) with a clear view in the direction of the satellite, see this page for potentially helpful information.

  18. Tigerman_McCool says:

    I feel this guys pain. I hate comcast too. We’ve had them for years and our signal has always been crappy. It’ll work fine for months, then get fuzzy, start cutting out, etc. Then you deal with the missed appts, etc for a couple of weeks. These dumbasses left me on promotion promotion price way longer then they probably should have (3 yrs) after I called and complained so much. They just now took me off promotion. The first time this crap cuts out again, I’m cancelling too.

  19. Sasquatch says:

    I had considered switching to Comcast from RCN when I moved this summer. Good to know I stuck with the lesser of two evils here in Boston.

  20. etinterrapax says:

    My only real complaint about Comcast is that it’s too expensive, but until we’re willing to give it up altogether, that’s useless. There’s nowhere for us to cut down more in terms of service. They did make moving a total pain, although not as much as for this guy.

  21. missdona says:

    With Comcast, if you move you lose all promotions on your account (cheap internet, free HBO, whatever). So do what we do:

    1st account was in my husband’s name. The next account is in my name. The next account will be in in my husband’s name.

    Bam. Brand new customer, and new customer promotions.

  22. iMike says:

    Mr Pants makes it hard to sympathize with him.

  23. jimeez says:

    You residential guys are lucky. Try opening a business account……this would have been a much longer article. ;)

  24. Szin says:

    Heh, Comcastic indeed!

  25. jeffjohnvol says:

    Not all cable sucks. In Louisville, a company called Insight offers cable/phone/www for under $110 a month, and I’m pretty happy with their service. It included a HDTV dual tuner with DVR too.

    No, I don’t work for them, but I am truly happy with them.

  26. Jaysyn was banned for: https://consumerist.com/5032912/the-subprime-meltdown-will-be-nothing-compared-to-the-prime-meltdown#c7042646 says:


    We have a dish (in Florida mind you), & for the weather to mess up our signal it literally has to be raining buckets outside. I’m talking sheets of rain.

    With the lightining that almost always accompanies that type of rain, you generally won’t want your TV on anyhow.

  27. Spencer says:

    Comcast pretty much forced me to become a bigger data pirate than I already was.

    Not long ago, I returned a digital dvr box of theirs to get a regular old digital box. A month later, I am being charged like 500 for the box I returned. No amount of pleading, begging, or yelling would get them to budge.

    I had to cancel because I could not afford the 500. Now I have to steal wifi and download any tv show I want to watch.

    I have it pretty nicely set up (via Mythbuntu), but I’d rather just go back to being a paying customer. Oh well.

    • yarepeoplesorude says:

      @Spencer: if you returned the box then you should have some kind of proof. they cant make you pay for something you dont have and have proof. unless you dont.

  28. Buran says:

    I’d switch if there were other services out there that had the channels I want, including HD, and which worked with CableCard and therefore my Tivo Series 3.

  29. Buran says:

    @r4ygun: I woulda had a lawyer write them a nastygram.

  30. iamme99 says:

    Comcast sucks. I have a simple basic & extended cable, no box, no movies, etc. Before Comcast took over the old cable system 3 or 4 years ago, the price I was paying was $30/month. The price has increased to $52 month as of Jan. 2007. I watch the same channels and Comcast has added nothing new in channels that is of interest to me. Now, this Jan 2008, it is going up to near $60. So effectively a 100% increase in 4 years?

    This is what happens when there is no competition!

  31. Myron says:

    Could we have 500 word limit on rants? I believed the aggrieved could still make their point and there would be at least be some change we will read it.

  32. gafpromise says:

    It was kinda long but Mr Pants has an entertaining style and I read the whole thing.

  33. MrSmokesTooMuch says:

    Here’s my answer:DSL and a computer with a few ATSC tuners and BeyondTV and Netflix. I pay $50/month for DSL and $9.99/month for Netflix. Probably lots of cable only shows I’m missing but I’ve always thought less TV is a good thing….

  34. QuirkyRachel says:

    Yup. sounds like my experiences with them, except that my cable boxes actually stopped working the same day after the techs had been out to fix them. Yup.

  35. workingonyourinvoice says:

    With all the shit I’ve been put through with AT&T, I’d love to put up with what Comcast has to offer. I don’t think any of these big internet companies deserve anybody’s money. I’m ready to cancel out of it entirely and just use internet at work.

  36. BigNutty says:

    A agree with CAUSTICITTY… To long to read.

  37. aduzik says:

    So, all this just to say that Comcast screws its customers like every cable company screws its customers, right? I mean, $100 a month is totally reasonable for a sometimes-on “high speed” Internet connection and sixty channels, of which you only want maybe ten, of which six are available in HD and for free OTA.

  38. dmartinez says:

    I had the exact same problem this guy was having.

    The issue is pretty simple. The reason your getting the random pixelation is because you share bandwidth with all of your neighborhood. This includes the TV signal. Also Comcast was forced to degrade the signals at the main hub for each location.

    You see comcast runs fiber obtics to a main hum and from their they run copper lines to the individual homes. Comcast was forced to lower the power of the signal to offer phone service. In my neighborhood we started having the same problem (myself and several neighbors) and Comcast tried to tell all of us our wiring was bad and wanted to rewire the entire house. This ofcours was a lie since I just had my home re-wired by one of their own techinicians. I had them put an amplifier on the main line just inside my house and that solved all the problems.

    Then Verizon FIOS came in my neighborhood and I switched!

  39. lhutz34 says:

    You’re right, but your window still needs a clear view of the southern sky if you want satellite.

    Cablevision in CT is competent, and I haven’t had too much trouble, but like any monopoly, I have no expectation that they’ll be useful if anything goes wrong. I need a landline, so their triple play is a good deal, but rates are going to shoot up when the promo period is over, so that will be interesting.

  40. RumorsDaily says:
  41. marsneedsrabbits says:

    I have a different story, but ultimately the same outcome. We dumped Comcast almost 3 years ago (the date is actually burned into my memory). The dish is lovely and wonderful and I guess the only question is “why didn’t we do this sooner. Much, much sooner”.
    BTW, Mr. Pants’ story is funny, if a bit long, but his nom de plume is a bit too reminiscent of Mr. Hands.
    And that’s just yucky.

  42. Lordstrom says:

    Why anyone bothers with any cable service now is beyond me. Between network websites, itunes, joost, etc, there are much better ways of watching television now. And without(or very very limited) commercials no less.

  43. JustAGuy2 says:

    @Cogito Ergo Bibo:

    FYI, if you have a balcony, that lease provision is invalid. If you have outdoor space (balcony or patio) that belongs to your apartment (not shared with others), then you have the right to put up a dish, it’s Federal Law.


  44. JustAGuy2 says:


    You’re about to become part of either Comcast or (more likely) Time Warner Cable, FYI. Insight is being split up. You’re either in the half that is going to Comcast, or the half that will (likely) get sold to Time Warner.

  45. UpsetPanda says:

    I got lucky. I had to deal with Adelphia where I was, and about two months before I moved, Adelphia was bought by Comcast and I received a few form letters from the higher ups explaining the new move. My cable bill increased by abot $.20, which wasn’t a big deal, but when it came time to move, I was so happy that I didn’t have to move service or anything. I just cancelled and all it took was 3 days of battling phone transfers and 15 minutes with a real, live person. In light of this guy’s experience, I’m glad Adelphia installed my cable, not Comcast. Adelphia sucked, but the guy showed on time (sort of – he was early, so I wasn’t home, but luckily a friend was), and they never gave me spam.

  46. racermd says:

    To the OP: Same-ish area, same boat. You just took longer to get the same point I was at (about a year ago). And for the exact same reasons.

    Got DirecTV, DSL, and a hard-line for about the same (maybe a little less) than I was paying Comcast before. Much happier, despite the once or two instances of rain-fade I get per year with the dish setup.

  47. Akamaru says:

    It’s a sad day when I have to come out and defend Comcast. I’d take a shower after typing this but I’m on my lunch break and I don’t have the facilities to do so.

    My room mate and I originally had AT&T basic phone service and DSL. It worked out to about $49.99 per month. However, AT&T’s entire accounts receivable department must be dyslexic. They would send us itemized bills which “seemed” reasonable only to give us a “refund” for overcharging us a month or so later.

    After the third time we received refunds for being “overcharged” we were ready to just stick with our cellphone service and bit the bullet and get Comcast Cable highspeed Internet.

    If I can’t read an itemized listing of fees and feel confident that those numbers aren’t just being pulled out of someone’s ass, I don’t want to do business with that company.

    Comcast isn’t great but at least their billing is consistent. I’m pretty upset about their bandwidth throttling and packet shaping though.

    Moral of this story is , for a country that loves free markets and competition so much, we seem to not see hypocrisy of allowing unchecked monopolies to run wild. Not many people can say “I have a choice, and the businesses I do business with respect that” when they talk about the local utility.

  48. mconfoy says:

    @Cogito Ergo Bibo: It is against a federal law to do this. you are allowed to put up a satellite dish.

    I would rather have my teeth pulled than use DSL from Verizon or ATT.

    Should I leave Comcast for Verizon FIOS internet (have Dish TV, but contract ends fairly soon so could switch that too. Also work pays up to $50 a month for broadband).

  49. Comcast can’t go bankrupt soon enough. For eleven years, yes, 11 years, I’ve asked for service. They have a cable that ends at my mailbox. Seriously, the wire’s already in the ground. I want the whole package – phone, internet, digital HD service, easily $140 a month. I’ve got two dozen neighbors that want service, too.

    Comcast won’t give us the time of day. They only provide new service to new neighborhoods – if you’re not already wired and getting service, you will NEVER get it in my county. Almost 45% of my county of 100,000 people can’t get service, and Comcast is the only cable provider allowed.

    On me alone, they’ve missed out on $13,000 in the last 11 years. I’ll never understand how this company stays in business.

  50. @mconfoy: I would rather have my teeth pulled than use DSL from Verizon or ATT.

    Compared to dial-up, Verizon DSL has been a godsend! Did you know you can watch video on the intergoogles? How long has THAT been going on? :)

  51. Earth2Kim says:

    Mr. Pants had me at the Firefly reference. Nice.

  52. Odwalla says:

    @Cogito Ergo Bibo:
    Federal law trumps lease clauses. Since about 1996 you’ve had the right to install a satellite dish as long as the installation doesn’t cause irreparable damage to the building and the dish is not located in a common area. If you have SW facing apartment you can mount the dish to a railing, stick it on a pole in a bucket of cement on your patio, rig up some way to hang it out your window, etc… and there is nothing the landlord can do about it.

  53. jawacg says:


    You are paying 13x in a year. They are probably using a four week billing cycle instead of a actual calendar month. That gives a business thirteen months worth of billing in a year. That is how 90% of rental companies work as well. Nice huh?

  54. FLConsumer says:

    @backbroken: I’ll gladly take DSL over Comcast…even Verizon DSL.. At least DSL normally works most of the time.

  55. jawacg says:

    I have had one experience with Comcast where a door to door salesperson gave us the schtik about free installation and such. We accepted and supplied a check. They scheduled a Saturday install. They never showed up. We called Comcast about it and got immediate elevation to their local manager in charge of soliciting. He confirmed that there was a door to door program going on in the neighborhood, said they never do Saturday installs, apologized for the incident and scheduled a proper install. They came out, did the install for the basic package which was all I wanted and left. And that was my last contact with Comcast. For FIVE years. They never billed me. The check was never cashed. As far as I know the house still had cable when we left. I sorta felt guilty about it, but by the time I realized that I hadn’t gotten a bill, it was two going on three months later and I knew if I said something I would get reamed with a huge bill. Besides, I don’t know if you can call it stealing technically when they are the ones that hooked it up. (I know, I’m splitting hairs) When we moved, I got Dish Network because I had a referral card from my sister that would help her out as well as giving me a discount for x amount of months. The install was handled by the local telephone company who also was a dealer/installer for Dish. They installed it on Christmas Eve. I only have issues when there is severe weather as it is raining right now and my reception is perfect. The only service issue I had was in my first year and was covered and they fixed it the next day. My internet and phone service are handled by the local telephone company as well. I have a 1.5Mb DSL line which also has minimal service issues, again during severe weather if at all. Total in all, I pay roughly $110 a month. With no sucky Comcast aftertaste.

  56. Least this guy has the option of switching to DSL…

  57. Caroofikus says:

    Where are you guys getting this $100/month cable? Mine’s easily $200+ :(

  58. MasterShake says:

    Go Blue and eff Comcast!

  59. johnnyv says:

    The problem I have is that Verizon didn’t offer me DSL until about 8 years after I had Comcast broadband and it’s still “Verizon” DSL with great distances from the DSLAM to the house. I’m not interested until I can get FIOS. So Comcast is the only game in town.

    It really kills me that I have to pay so much for Verizon phone service but I really don’t want to swicth to Comcast Digital Voice. I’m holding out for FIOS and Verizon gives no indication of when they will string cable on my street. It was supposed to be a long time ago according to one of their techs.

    IMO neither company provides decent customer service and Comcast is overpriced for TV and broadband. Verizon phone is still costing me with taxes over $60 a month.

    Also, Comcast broadband is not 6 Mb/s. Peak rates mean nothing. It’s a shared pipe and it gets real slow at times.

  60. grlzero says:

    @JEFFJOHNVOL Insight isn’t that great. They disabled my mother’s internet service because, they said, she was receiving too much spam. Huh? That makes sense, right?

    About Comcast: their easy-to-move ad campaign really burns me. There is nothing easy about transferring Comcast service.

  61. bobblack says:

    Sounds like this guy just wanted to vent. If you dont like the service, just cancel it and move on. Cable is hardly worth getting that worked up over.

    If Comcast loses enough customers, they’ll start noticing that something needs to change.

  62. edgarj455 says:

    comcast sucks, that’s a given. I have to call them at least three or four times a year and after three or four tries they fix the problem. That’s good wright. Well I called them up(at my Daughters suggestion)and politely told them I was living to save some money. They lowered my Internet gave me a duel tuner HDDVR for the same price as the HD tuner and still were $15 bucks lower than the other MOPE on the pole out front. Well after say all that, maybe I was lucky. Who knows? So after reading these post it accured to me that the cable companies are licenced by the municipalities they serve and a call, letter, fax or email, mite do some good at that level. Your thoughts please.

  63. Benstein says:

    It is a federal law that you can have a satellite dish? WTF. I went to see an apartment about 3 years ago, and as my wife and I were being shown the place, I noticed lots of DirectTV satellite dishes on people’s balconies. So I asked the guy, “Oh so you can have satellite here?” And he said “No, we changed the rules, those people are grandfathered in. You can only get Comca$t now.”

    Then I asked to take home a copy of the lease to read at my leisure, but they wouldn’t let me do that. So I stormed out of there.

  64. JustAGuy2 says:


    Sounds like she was SENDING spam – in other words, her computer had been infected with a virus that had turned it into a zombie/made it part of a botnet.


  65. JustAGuy2 says:


    Be aware, they have to let you have a dish, but they don’t have to renew your lease.

  66. Thorzdad says:

    So…big corporation doesn’t act like they give a shit about the consumer because they don’t have to? Welcome to the 21st century. It’s going to be like this from now on, gang. All that matters is how wide you’re able to open your wallets.

  67. grlzero says:

    @JustAGuy2: That’s what I thought too, but no, they told her she was receiving too much email. If it had been the other way around Insight’s actions would make sense and I wouldn’t be posting about it.

  68. Photochick57 says:

    I recently moved and thanks to this blog entry I discovered that comcast had not stopped charging me. Here’s my ordeal.

    I am moving. I am downsizing because in 6 months I will be joining the Peace Corps. So I have left much of my stuff behind, sold it or stored it. So this move is an especially emotional move. So on top of that two companies I deal with have given terrible customer service.

    Tuesday I read an article on the Consumerist blog about Comcast not canceling someone’s service when they moved. And light bulbs went off. I remember that the last time I move Comcast charged me for two months at my old place after I had supposedly canceled the service. So I went to the internet and checked my Comcast account. And yes I was still being charged for the next billing period when I specifically canceled before the billing period started. It was on auto pay. I tried to cancel the auto pay. Could not do it from the website. I called Comcast and talked to Chelsea. Chelsea said my service had not been disconnected so yes the charge was still there. I needed to call the next day and talk to disconnections.

    I called the next day. Talked to Jen at extension 77689. She said that she would cancel effective Oct 5th. And it would show up on the website the next day. I mentioned I was due for an autopay on the 26 of October and wanted this cleared up before that. Jen said “no I could not cancel autopay from the website” but that she would do it for me. I was assured my autopay was canceled by them. And that I owed them no money. I asked if I went to the website after this phone call would the website reflect that. Jen said no give it a day.

    I checked my account on the web the next day. I still showed an autopay due on Oct 26. I tried to cancel the auto pay myself. Could not find any place on the website to do it. So I tried to trick the system by paying $1.00 in a one time payment thinking that would cancel the autopay. Did not work. So I called Comcast again

    I checked my Comcast account Thursday the 25 and still it reflected that I owed 15.14 and that it would autopay on the 26. I talked to Marcella. I expressed my frustration. I expressed my disbelief that it takes 20 days and three phone calls to cancel my account with Comcast. Again I was assured that everything was fine and that I did not owe them anything. She again told me that the next day I would see it reflected online. I asked her to promise that I would not see a charge on my bank account. I asked three times and did not get a satisfactory answer.

    Today Oct 26 I checked my bank account. And there was a pending charge from Comcast for 15.14. I called and asked right away to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor told me my account was clear with them and that it was the banks problem. I asked incredulously “how can the bank charge me for a Comcast purchase unless you authorize it?” We did discuss the fact that I felt like they were trying to get 15.00 from me for a service the did not perform. Wanda said “now ms. Chase do you really believe a big company like Comcast wants your 15.00. I said “if every person who canceled was charged an extra 15.00 you would have a lot of extra income”. Then I explained that this happened to me the last time I canceled with Comcast as well.

    I talked to the bank. I can open a dispute tomorrow when the pending transaction becomes actual. The bank says I won’t have to pay any fees for this. What I want to know is why should I have to do all this when I followed correct procedures to cancel. I will have paper work to fill out. I won’t get my 15.00 back until the dispute is resolved. And really I think that Comcast should solve my problem not the bank.

  69. laurie24 says:

    Oh I hear ya! In exactly two weeks when Direct TV hooks my new service up, I am calling these greedy freaks to shut my service off. How’s paying $40 a month compared to over $100 a month for the same service. They love giving cable away for $29.00 a month to new customers, but consistently try to screw their existing customers. It seems like every payday I’m shelling out $100 I don’t have to watch something that used to be free. If you’re single and paying all the bills on your own, it’s just not possible to keep up with them … as for “deregulation” – that’s a crock – they still have territories and no one person has more than one “cable” company to choose from – and now Comcast is buying up all the little guys like Patriot and swallowing up all their customers … all of whom will soon feel the way I do – you do – we do. Comcast is GREEDY with a Capital GREEDY!~

  70. Anonymous says:

    We got comcast in March. Got a letter stating when the tech would be here to install, Also got word that if he was late the installation would be free. He was about 3 hours late. He said it would be free. When we got our bill the fee was on there. We called & they said they never heard of anything like that. Sent them a copy of agreement & did not pay the fee. We are being charged late charges for something we did not owe. We will be outa there as soon as we can get internet & phione lined up.

  71. Anonymous says:

    This isn’t “highly amusing” because, frankly, I’m not in an amusing mood. More Comcast woes. All of the complaints listed and probably more. I don’t have much of a choice in my area. Comcast has a contract with the city (ie: a monopoly). I started 2 years ago with the whole package but got rid of the phone when it didn’t work much of the time – like whenever it rained. The thing is, no matter how much one complains, nothing changes. I’m ready to get a converter box and switch to dial-up. Better yet, get rid of it all! Read….pop in a DVD. Better off without news, anyway. Annabelle

  72. Anonymous says:

    Pinkbox’s said “too long to read”. Why bother comnenting at all if thats all you have to say? I’m sure Mr. Pants could have went on and on even more. I know I could. The long and short of it is. Comcast is the most incompetent company I have ever had the displeasure to deal with. I stopped calling to complain about TV and internet because half the time they screw it up worse than it was before I called or it goes back to the way it was screwwd up in a few days or less. I don’t lose my cool when I talked them but I have had them hang up on me. One time the lady spoke english as well as anyone else that started learning english yesterday. The biiling Dept. does a Damn good job, I’ll say that for them.
    Mr. Underpants

  73. Anonymous says:

    comcast sucks ass , and they don’t care how you feel about that. for the past two months they have been trying to extort an extra month payment out of me claiming that they were not paid for december 08. this to spite the fact that my bank has made them admit both times that they were paid EARLY, and that this is a problem on comcast’s end entirely. apology? no. discount? no. attitude? yes. well, i’m firing comcast (knology came out and connected me this morning) and it will feel so good returning their equipment and closing my account in the morning! sadly, based off of a past experience, i am predicting that they will not credit my remaining half month of remaning service , will not disconnect service at all in fact, will demand payment for service after the requested disconnect, and will demand payment for december 08 AGAIN!!!(for the third time!). i would bet money on it ! i would say that i hope knolgy will be better, but i am sure al-qadea cable would better than comcast!goodbye to the worst company that i’ve ever dealt with, and good riddance!

  74. Shalor Toncray says:

    I’m having some problems with Comcast as well right now. They had 2 guys going out canvassing our neighborhood, trying to get people to sign up for triple play. First guy comes to the door & tries to sell it to my mom, she says no. THEN he calls the other guy up & they tag team her for about 1-2 hours until she says yes. (She knows that it took about that long because she started watching a movie when they came to the door & by the time they left, the movie credits were running.) Now I get to go complain to comcast about the strongarm brainwashing technique they used on my mom. No means no & they shouldn’t stand around for hours or call their buddy to come in & force my mom to sign up for a service that doesn’t fit our needs & isn’t what we want.

  75. mpw822 says:

    You know, Cable tv by Comcast sucks!!! Their customer service is probably worse than Verizon. You spend half your lif on the phone waiting for a rep then you have to wait for a rep that can actually speak to you.

    They have bait and switch and lock you in without permission. I had the basic then they had a 24.99 special and I paid it all up front and told them I wanted to go back to the basic after that offer was over. I kept haing charges during that time as well. I called and asked what the deal was. OF course they had no answers and said we will remove the charges. I asked them how they got applied in the first place, and of course they had no answer.

    So now that my time is up they have applied 119 dollars a month to my account without my permission. All I have is CABLE!!!! They now somehow have 213 dollars to my account for just one month that I had already paid for.

    So of course I tried to call them and find out what was happenig. GET THIS… I was told that I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO TALK TO A CUSTOMER REP UNTIL I PAID THE BALANCE. True story!!!!!!!!!!1 I told them they can now cancel my service because I am not paying for what I did not order and I will not pay for something that is clearly their mistake. I have seen this so many time and this is why all my fiends will not deal with comcast. They should have their franchise cancelled. I told them I would be reporting this to the FCC and I have already started my complaint. Some customer service!… huh??

    • yarepeoplesorude says:

      @mpw822: hpw long do you wait for a verizon rep on a busy day since your not the only person in the world? we can’t lock anyone in without a sign 2 yr contract. If you keep pressing 0 like every other auto-system you can talk to a rep. Good luck with your case with the fcc.

  76. mcbaps23 says:

    Mr.Pant your transfer and billing issue could have be resolved if the rep told you every time you move from one house to another your acct number changes. The account numbers stays with the house .. .so you move to another place you will get another acct number. So when you call you saw the balance from your old acct bec you needed to re enroll or add acct number on comcast.com (simple as that)… and reps saw you new acct which did not receive a payment bec you were paying on the old acct. Old acct of course should of been disc … I cant believe you went through all that !

  77. yarepeoplesorude says:

    i think it so funny how people like the story above takes it out on CSR. we can not control the pricing but u take that out on us. Let me give you people a hint customer service reps can only do so much. if we could be it all there would be no manager for you people to cry to. i think its so funny how people change there tone once they get a manager. Stop treating SCR let there they dont matter because we can make the final call. we can say to our manager that we think you should get a 2 million dollar credit, but who wants to go to bat for someone that’s been a jerk since you answered the phone.

  78. kaka says:

    Yes I tried to cancel comcast, and they refuse to do so. My boyfriend has comcast and I live with him for many years, we agreed to disconnect it due to his extenuating circumstances and he does not want to deal with it. I went to comcast store and also called to disconnect, they ignored me simply because I was not on the account, they don’t understand that I am member of household and pay the bills including comcast… they were rude, inconsiderate and horrible customer service. Should I accept that from I company that I paid services for?!
    I also reported that there is no cable services, it went out on me, they even didn’t care to take a look at the problem and send a technician. I also returned the cable box to their store, they insisted that will keep charging for the overpriced cable just because I am not on the account. Can they understand that is NO thank you for bad customer service, and comcast disregard for the customer that pays for a service that I am not satisfied with?