Trying to send a large attachment through Lotus Notes? Comcast thinks you are a file sharing degenerate. Eat traffic shaping, office workers. [Ars Technica]


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  1. axiomatic says:

    R. Ricardo: “Comcast… you got some ‘splainin’ to do!”

  2. RagingBoehner says:

    Better question: Why are you using Lotus Notes?

  3. marsneedsrabbits says:

    Once they start doing this sort of thing, filtering things that probably aren’t illegal, can Comcast still claim to be a common-carrier? Can they still claim no liability when they are in fact monitoring the networks for content?

  4. toddkravos says:

    Many companies use LNotes – for ease of use and desktop policy management. It’s simply easier to admin than any MS product.

    Comcast isn’t the only one who does this.

    Using VPN at home to connect to the work mothership along with using LNotes makes COX Cable second guess your actions.

  5. bohemian says:

    We have had the same issues with two cable providers since we moved across town. Either our neighborhood has a serious bandwidth issue or we have gotten on some naughty list for high traffic.

    This is a total PITA since my S.O. has to use VPN to get into servers at work when he is on call or drive 20min into work at 3am to reset something.

    Of course the cable company claims there is absolutely nothing going on.

  6. viriiman says:

    (Forgive me)
    “Ladies and gentelmen, my killbot features Lotus Notes and a machine gun! It is the finest available.”
    -Prof. Wurnstrom (Futurama)

  7. stubblyhead says:

    I would just like to say that my company uses lotus notes, and it is almost universally despised here, present company included.

  8. MPHinPgh says:

    Am I missing something? If I’m sending a message (I don’t care what mail server we’re talking), isn’t that using SMTP? Who cares how big the attachment is, it’s _STILL_ SMTP! So now they’re filtering SMTP???

    Maybe I should go read the article before I spout off, I suppose they could be talking Notes’ equivalent to MAPI (i.e. client to server) traffic…

  9. Trauma_Hound says:

    Isn’t this kind of thing against federal computer crime laws?

  10. Rando says:

    I hate lotus notes :(

  11. Namilia says:

    Somehow this seems unconstitutional via the Freedom of Speech…

  12. swalve says:

    @Namilia: Oh my god, how wrong can you be?

    I’m pretty sure Comcast’s TOS precludes business use, doesn’t it?

  13. bustit22 says:

    Your understanding of the First Amendment is sorely lacking.