Home Depot's Clearance Sale: Everything 0% Off!

Yellow stickers at Home Depot indicate a clearance sale. Except at the store in Somersworth, New Hampshire, where yellow stickers mean 0% off.

Reader Jon explains:

Back in May, a Home Depot near me was closing (well, moving to a more convenient location), and they had a big sale on most of their inventory. They put yellow price stickers over the normal white stickers. Curious about how much the prices were marked down, I peeled off one of the yellow stickers, only to find that the “sale” price was the same as the regular price!

I thought it was an innocent mistake, so I took a picture of it with my phone to chuckle at later.

Today at Home Depot, I was struck with the same curiosity about sale price, so I peeled another yellow sticker to reveal yet another “sale” price that was no lower than the original. So I peeled another. And another… ALL of them were the same price, except in yellow!

We had a conversation with the folks up in Somersworth to see if there might be an alternate explanation.

The Consumerist: What do the yellow stickers mean?
Home Depot: They are clearance items and they are usually marked down anywhere from 10% to 20% depending on the item and depending on the department.
The Consumerist: Are they used for anything else?
Home Depot: The yellow tags? No.




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