Top Posts Of The Week

Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Cars“2008 Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy’s fuel economy guidebook is out. Prius tops the list.”

13,000 People Are Getting A Surprise Audit!
“13,000 lucky Americans will soon receive letters from the IRS explaining that they’ve been selected for a random audit.”

Walmart Sanctifies The Toy Aisle With Talking Jesus Action Figures
“He’s wearing a simple tunic with that Kenny Loggins haircut. Push the button on his back and he says this: “I am Jesus. I am the son of God.”

Empty Room? Bijou Theater Screens Movie For One Couple
“Instead of canceling the show due to low attendance (or establishing a house minimum) the owner, Jerry, greeted us and talked about how he’ll run the shows for just one person.”

Ralph Nader Doesn’t Read The Consumerist
“I now find out that he has never heard of Consumerist, so in essence he sucks all around. Right after I left the Fest the first thing I did was pick up an over-priced Carmel Mocha at Starbucks. Suck it Nader!”