Quickly Find Good Deals On SlickDeals And FatWallet With WiredDeals

One of the sites I visit every time I scour for items for Morning Deals is WiredDeals, a free registration site that tries to aggregate the best deals from the SlickDeals and FatWallet forums.

Both of this popular bargain hunting message boards let users post and then rank each other’s deals. WiredDeals scans the listings and finds which ones are getting the most points or “reps,” as they are called. I usually just skim down the “Hot Deals” section and see if any items have any particularly large bar graphs, then click on the popout arrow on the far right to check out the original forum thread and see if the deal is still functional and good. The site also has a robust search feature, RSS feeds, and you can set up alerts if you’re waiting for a price drop on a specific product. If you find SlickDeals and FatWallet a bit tedious to navigate sometimes, WiredDeals gives a nice snapshot of what’s hot.

WiredDeals [Official Site]


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  1. heavylee-again says:

    Not a bad tip. But as a very active SD member, I also like reading and contributing to threads that don’t always get the highest ratings. I can’t speak about FW, but the SD community has a lot more to offer than just ‘the best deals’. Often, I’ve found deals or coupons for items that are important to me, but not many other people – thus they don’t get high community ratings.
    There is also a very active Tech Support forum at SD which has a wealth of information about dozens of topics.

  2. tinkrtoy says:

    The other issue to be aware of with this ranking system is that one of the tricks that is used (at least on FW) is to rate the deal poor by those ‘in the know’ in order to keep it off the radar of those looking for only highly rated deals and thus, hopefully extending the deal’s longevity.

  3. criticman says:

    I just have a tab setup on my iGoogle called “deals” that I browse when i am looking for a steal…with feeds from Fat Wallet, Slick Deals, and others.

  4. jonathan19 says:

    You could also try my custom Google Search engine, which I’m still not making any $$ from. It lets you search several “deal” sites for a particular item (i.e. “upscaling DVD”).

  5. wireddeals says:

    Ben, thanks for the mention, and welcome to all the Consumerist readers who went to check my site which started as a hobby and turned into a bargain hunting tool that thousands of people now use daily. Stop by and drop me a note, I love your feedback!
    Yan @ WiredDeals.com

  6. m.c.cookie says:

    Great tip. I have to wonder if you are connected to (one of my favorite sites) Ben’s Bargains?