Personal Finance Roundup

A Need for a Will? Often, There’s an Online Way [New York Times] “Recently, the increasing sophistication of software and services for estate planning, combined with growing consumer comfort with online financial management, has led to a boom in homegrown estate planning.”

Too much of a good (or bad) thing? Maybe it’s time to rebalance [Vanguard] “A regular rebalancing of over- or underweighted sectors could help you smooth out the long-term effects of a sudden downturn.”

How to Manage Risk in Retirement [Yahoo Finance] “There are a couple of risks unique to retirement–the risk of outliving your assets (longevity risk) and the risk of overspending in your retirement years.”

Choose credit cards by how you use them [USA Today] “Choosing the card that best suits your borrowing habits can improve your credit card experience.”

How to Cut Your Winter Energy Bills [Smart Money] “To more effectively keep your winter energy bills in check, you’ll need to take action now. Try these five tricks to cut your costs by up to 30%.”

(Photo: kevindean)