Parents Predictably Outraged At Southwest's New Boarding Policy

There’s a bit of backlash going on against Southwest Airlines’ for changing their “family first” boarding policy. Previously, families traveling with children under 4 were allowed to board before the “a” group. Now they’ve been bumped back behind “a” but before “b” and “c.”

While Southwest claims that the new policy will help things move along faster— “accidentally” attracting more business travelers who are put off by having to give up the best seats to a gaggle of toddlers just might have something to do with change.

Now one parent is mad enough to start a blog called “Stop Southwest Airlines Family PreBoard Policy Changes” that aims to… well. You know.
From the blog:

Are you outraged with Southwest and their new revised family preboard policy in which parents and children under 4 no longer can board first?

!!! Then sign our online petition here – (you can do it anonymously) !!!

Are you a parent of a toddler who has had it with air travel?
We have.

Do you know that Southwest changed their pre-board policy 10.02.2007 so that families with small children no longer pre-board but must wait until Group A has already boarded?

  • We call it A and a half boarding.
  • We also call it outrageous and extremely short sighted for Southwest.
  • Southwest says they have no plans to revert back to the old policy.

    Stop Southwest Airlines Family PreBoard Policy Changes