Media companies including CBS Corp., Microsoft Corp., News Corp.’s Fox and MySpace, Viacom, Walt Disney and NBC have all agreed to some über-pact of copyright “guidelines” to protect their work, and have said they will announce the details later today. “The agreed principles include using technology to eliminate copyright-infringing content uploaded by users to Web sites and blocking any material before it is publicly accessible.” [Reuters]


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  1. mupethifi says:

    Yawn. Just another ‘challange’ for the hackers. they always win, its just a natter of days it takes.

  2. emona says:

    Good luck, guys. You’re going to need it.

  3. BStu says:

    “We’ve all decided to enhance copyright by revoking fair use. Its in the consumer’s best interest that we take this action ourselves rather than wait for legislative action to enhance the rights of consumers to not have rights as consumers. Its all about enhancement.”