Buy Yourself A Plasma TV For Christmas, Says Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports says the best bargain of the year might be the much-loved plasma TV. 42″ plasmas should average around $1,000 this holiday season—with “Black Friday” deals as low as $599 (if you’re willing to club someone’s grandmother to get one.)

From Consumer Reports:

720p plasmas with 50-inch screens are likely to go for about $1,400 this year, down from $2,300 a year ago. Plasma will finally become competitive in 1080p, with the average price of a full HD 50-inch set dropping sharply, to just under $2,400 by the end of the year, the firm projects.

Discounts will be less dramatic on LCD sets, but prices will be lower. A 40-inch LCD set with 720p resolution will go for about $1,000. Look for bigger price cuts in 1080p, where average selling prices will drop to about $1,500 for a 40-inch set and $2,000 for a 46-incher. Full HD 52-inch LCD TVs will sell for about $2,700. DisplaySearch predicts that 1080p sets will take over the 40-inch and larger category this holiday season, accounting for about 60 percent of all HDTV sales.

Analysts say it’s unlikely TV prices will drop much lower in 2008, so there’s little point in waiting for better bargains next year.

CR also suggests looking for smaller LCD TVs at Costco and Sam’s Club, as there may be sweet deals to be had.

Plasma TVs May Be the Biggest Bargains This Holiday Season [Consumer Reports]

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