Delta CEO On The Prowl For Some Hot Merger Action

Delta’s CEO Richard “Anybody Wanna Buy An Airline?” Anderson, formerly the CEO of Northwest, has finally started shopping Delta around for a merger buddy like we all knew he would.

It seems pretty clear which airline he’s thinking of for Delta, though, of course, he denies it.

From the Star-Tribune:
Richard Anderson, the new CEO of Delta Air Lines and former head of Northwest Airlines, on Tuesday ignited a new round of speculation about airline mergers when he said a Delta deal could have “obvious benefits” for its employees and shareholders.

Anderson did not name a potential merger target for Atlanta-based Delta, but analysts long have argued that Eagan-based Northwest would make a good partner because the carriers’ route networks complement each other.

We are evaluating the best path forward for Delta,” Anderson said.

Stressing that “evolution toward a more consolidated industry will continue,” he said a merger “could make sense for Delta if it is done thoughtfully from a position of strength.”

This is a change of tune from earlier this year when Delta’s former CEO beat back a hostile takeover bid by US Airways CEO Doug “I’m OK To Drive” Parker.

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