Best Buy Stops Selling Analog TVs

Best Buy has decided to (finally) stop selling soon-to-be-obsolete analog televisions, according to the AP. The FCC has been on the war path, sending secret agents to surf the web and inspect product displays to make sure that consumers are being warned not to buy analog TVs with the expectation that they will work properly without a converter box after 2009.

Best Buy says it will pull all remaining stock from its shelves.

“We are committed to helping people understand the digital television transition, and exiting the analog video business is one way we can help avoid confusion,” Mike Vitelli, senior vice president of electronics, said in a statement.

After the first of the year, the government will be making available to each household two coupons worth $40 each that can be used to buy two converter boxes. Best Buy will sell coupon-eligible converter boxes starting in early 2008.

Best Buy ends sales of analog TVs [BusinessWeek]
(Photo:Vince Brown)

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