Best Buy Asks You To Wait 21 Days Before Escalating Your Issue

“Speedball” over at The Denver Egotist is displeased with the service he’s getting from Best Buy. For some reason (they want to get him off the phone, maybe?) Besy Buy keeps telling him to wait. Sometimes it’s 10 days. Other times its 21 days. Speedball is getting tired of waiting.

To date, I have spoken to your main customer service department who could only offer to escalate my problems if I wait 21 days (I guess the first 7 months don’t count). I have spoken with your repair department who has told me my issue would be resolved sometime between 4 and 20 days (or 2-3, or 30, depending on who you talk to). I have spoken to your store managers who said they could do nothing to fulfill the agreement they made with me when I purchased your products – they even sent us a polite handwritten note explaining what a mess they’d created, but they could not help me resolve it. I have spoken to your Rewardszone department and they could not help me, in fact they could not help me over and over and over again as I restarted the process with them every 10 days just like I was instructed.
The thought that I’m going to have to endure another seven years of this nightmare while my service plan is still in effect makes me want to shoot myself in the head. The only hope I have is that you’ll screw up and erase the extended warranty I paid for so I have an excuse to throw these worthless appliances into your parking lot and replace them with a set that actually works, from a company that actually cares if their customers are sickened by the thought of ever doing business with them again.

Best Buy’s service plans do seem to have this effect on people, there’s just no denying it. We hope Speedball tries an EECB now that his spleen is good and vented.

Speedball’s Letter To Customer Service [Denver Egotist]


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  1. jwarner132 says:

    Nobody has posted a link to in a while.

  2. csdiego says:

    I made my husband the gadget freak stop buying things at Best Buy because I couldn’t take any more of his ranting and grumping when, inevitably, they’d fail to honor their service plans. Now we get all our electronics at Circuit City. They don’t always have the rock-bottom lowest price, but they haven’t screwed us over either. To me, it’s worth it.

  3. ncboxer says:

    I really wish the article linked had more about what the complaint was about rather than just ranting about Best Buy’s bad service. I know it had to do with some appliances- but what was the issue they couldn’t solve?

    Even without explanation of the issue at hand, it obvious that Best Buy is going about business as usual. Read any of the Best Buy sux sites and you’ll get a true picture of Best Buy. They do not care if they lose you as a customer, they know there are plenty that will get sucked into to replace you. And they know their competition in many cases is just as bad. Calling corporate is absolutely useless. If the local store won’t solve it (which they usually won’t), you have a snowball chance in hell of getting resolution to your problem. I know what I am talking about- I used to work there.

  4. trillium says:

    No! Anywhere but Circuit City. I refuse to buy anything from there that can’t be carried out in a bag!
    I bought a TV from them. I carried the unit home myself and purchased their extended warranty for said TV.

    The TV died less then 3 months after owning it. They would not honor the service contract unless I paid the sales tax on the TV (I live in MD and had bought the unit in DE). They wouldn’t even service the unit unless I paid the sales tax (even if I hauled the thing in to the store myself).

    So I called Panasonic. Who kindly sent their local repair man, who picked up the TV, and cracked the casing in the process. I got the TV back less then a week later with a new case and when they were carrying it up the stairs they scuffed the front of the unit. Less then a week later they replaced the front casing as well.

    When I requested a refund for the purchase price of the extended warranty (I ended up buying an extended warranty from Panasonic who came to my aid when my TV died) I got such a royal run around it wasn’t funny. I finally got the cost of it back considering they admitted to me many times that they wouldn’t honor it unless I paid sales tax on the TV.

    But, this is about Best Buy. Who I have to admit I have NOT had any issues with. I have purchased a washer, dryer, and freezer from them recently and have not had any issues with them delivering. Then again, nothing has busted yet, so here’s crossing my fingers!

  5. satoru says:

    All the more reason not to buy those extended warranties. They’re just money making mechanisms for the store that provide no benefit to the customer.

  6. Goatweed says:

    I dunno, I might be one of the lucky few who have had a service plan work out well for me. My wife bought me a Creative Zen Xtra a few years ago for Christmas and she also got a PSP on it for 4 years (I don’t think they offer it for that long anymore). Long story short, my LCD screen on the player died, I went to Best Buy who said they can’t replace it because it’s outdated but as per the terms of the plan, I can get a new upgraded player – which I did, I got the 30 gig Zen Vision:M – for nothing. I did pony up $40 to extend the plan on this player for 3 years, but still it was a good deal for me I think.

  7. hellinmyeyes says:

    I bought the extended warranty for a very pricy digital camera way back. I had to have it serviced once after the firmware corrupted, and it was shipped out and back to my doorstep within four days. I was floored. I guess I’m a lucky one? This was years ago; I’m sure they’re nowhere near as good now.

    I haven’t bought an extended warranty/service plan for anything since, but I guess it’s just a game of risk.

  8. csdiego says:

    @satoru: I think that’s the key: try to buy quality in the first place and don’t bother with the extended warranty, which nine times out of ten will not be honored anyway.

  9. ehrgeiz says:

    This is why I never ever buy a service plan from a store, best buy is one of the worst about this too. Save yourself the hassle and say NO!

  10. gorckat says:

    @trillium: That sounds really fishy…maybe refer that to the AG? I can’t imagine how Best Buy records that on their books- are they actually paying that to MD? And for what- product bought in another state? Its not like you’re transferring a car title!

  11. satoru says:

    As a side note I used the extended warranty on my iPod recently through my Mastercard. My ipod battery got shorted by my charger so it would no longer hold a charge. Luckily, because it appeared to be a battery issue, Apple’s battery replacement program kicked in and would cost me $75. I called Mastercard and they had me fax over my receipt, original warranty information, and price quote of the repair. The entire process took about 3 weeks but I was reimbursed for the $75.

    Some tips for anyone thinking about using their Visa/Mastercard warranty:

    1) SPECIFICALLY state you want the forms emailed to you. They snail mailed me the form, and for some bizzare reason could not email me them after they had mailed it so I wasted a week waiting for their silly paper form in the mail.

    2) You’ll need a copy of your receipt. I have now started scanning in all my ‘important’ receipts so I have digital copies I can whip out instantly.

    3) It takes about 1-2 weeks for the claim to be approved. If the repair is going to cost a lot you might want to wait on the actual claim approval before you repair the item. They have a website, though sparse it may be, where you can track how things are going.

    I found this process to be much better than the horror stories I have read here and elsewhere about extended warranties. Hopefully you don’t have to use it, but my experience with Mastercard was fairly positive.

  12. MoCo says:

    I’m in MD also, and I helped a friend who purchased a camera and extended warranty from Best Buy. To make a long story short, Best Buy gave my friend the runaround on honoring the extended warranty when the camera broke when it was two years old. My friend sued Best Buy in MD small claims court. The cost to file was $20. I served the store manager so that my friend would not have to pay for service (in case she lost the case). A few days before the case was scheduled to go to trial, Best Buy called my friend, and offered to reimburse her for the full cost of the camera. She accepted their offer.

    Small claims court in Maryland is a lot like “The People’s Court”. It’s real easy to use, and nearly all of the time, the merchant settles before trial so there is no need to actually appear in court.

    More info at:


  13. Caroofikus says:

    @jwarner132: Awwww… is filtered here…

  14. theycallmetak says:

    As with most things YMMV when purchasing extended warranties. We had one for our washer/dryer set. Dryer broke and the repairman came out the next week to fix it at no charge. Surprisingly it wasn’t even a hassle getting through on the phone and going through the PSP verification. Ditto for an Advent (Cheapo) open box 27″ TV. 4 Year PSP and it crapped out right before the 4 years. It was bought in Cali, moved to Hawaii and the repairman came out and said it couldn’t be fixed. (It was just flyback transformer) Took it in and got the new Toshiba we’re using. Popped for the PSP on that as well. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed on the Toshiba laptop I’m using. Yikes!

  15. erratapage says:

    Disclaimer: I don’t buy extended warranties.

    However, it appears to me that a product has to satisfy a few people some of the time in order to get the rest of us to buy it. That’s why I pay more attention to the horror stories than I do to the satisfied customers. Even when I choose not to purchase a product, I assume that most people who buy it are happy.

    For example, I once leased a car, and purchased it at the end of the lease term. I’m one of the few people on the planet who actually invested less money in the lease than I would have invested in a purchase. I don’t recommend that people go out and lease cars, however. It’s generally a poor investment, and you generally can’t get it at the end of the contract for salvage value (like I did).

  16. Antediluvian says:

    @trillium: (Re: Pay sales tax or no service)
    It’s not up to Best Buy whether you’ve paid “use tax” for items purchased out-of-state. You could have just as easily been a DE resident who moved; would they have insisted you owe sales tax then? That’s really the strangest thing I’ve heard regarding getting service on an item.

  17. swalve says:

    This is why you don’t buy service from a place that sells stuff.

  18. DanKelley98 says:

    I find Best Buy a wonderful study on how one company can do everything possible to piss off customers.

    Apparently repeat business means nothing to this company.

    Its almost like you want to wack ’em on the head and scream “idiot”.

  19. marsneedsrabbits says:

    What you said. I told my husband that we were *not* going to buy anything more complicated than a CD at Best Buy a few years ago.
    But you know, why give them any business if they aren’t honest? So now we buy nothing there & haven’t been inside a Best Buy for about 2 years.
    No one I know shops there anymore.
    And when people ask for geek advice/recommendations, we always tell them “anywhere” is better than Best Buy.
    I have no idea how they stay in business.

  20. meballard says:

    I normally agree that extended warranties are a bad idea, although one that I did purchase came in very handy. I had purchased a car stereo from Best Buy with the warranty, and the tape drive on it went out of alignment and had to be sent in for repair. Thanks to the agreement from Best Buy, I just had to bring the car in to the service department (where it had been installed), and they took the unit out, sent it in for the repair, and then installed it when it came back, with no cost to me (plus I was able to schedule it with a vacation, so I barely even drove the car without a radio), mind you this was about 10 years ago…