6v to 32 AA Batteries Video Is A Hoax

About a month ago, a video was going around (that we, regrettably, linked to) saying that if you pried open a 6 volt battery, you would find 32 AA batteries, but it now turns out it’s a hoax, riffing off the (truthful) reports that 9v batteries contain 6 AAAA batteries. 6v batteries, however, contain four 1.5 volt D-cell batteries.

If that the video was from a site called “Gagfilms.com,” and being featured on their home page next to clips titled, “Video Proof That Ghosts Really Exist” and “The Girl With 2 Pussies,” wasn’t enough of a tipoff, the images sent in by reader Roberta who tested it out should do it for you. Full deconstruction sequence, inside…


Note dubious context:


Original video:

Just like your middle-school librarian told you, critical thinking and source evaluation are valuable life-long skills.