Verizon Says It Will Only Share Your Info With Other Verizon Companies

Verizon says the information sharing opt-out notices it sent to customer, that we told you about a month ago, are only so other Verizon companies can market discounted service bundles, and is not for resell to third-party advertisers.

After stories about the notice appeared on Slashdot, ArsTechnica, Digg, Gizmodo, and others, Verizon clarified its position with a press release and a post on its policy blog. Jim Gerace, VP of Corporate Communications wrote, “Verizon Wireless does not sell personal customer information to third-party advertisers. Period.”

The Skydeck blog, whose initial post spurred the pickup by larger blogs, told The Consumerist, “The CPNI notice came attached to the new Verizon Wireless Ts and Cs, which explicitly grant VZW permission to share information (defined as CPNI) with vendors and third parties to, among other things, deliver relevant advertising.”

Whether the advertising comes from Verizon or from other companies, we’re sure most Consumerist readers “do not want.” The number to optout is 1-800-333-9956.

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