If FiOs Man Doesn't Show Up, Make Sure You're Not Without Phone Service

Apropos of, “Verizon Harasses You For 3 Months To Switch To FiOS, Then Never Shows Up To Install It,” if you sign up for FiOS and they don’t show or they have to reschedule, don’t forget to call your current phone provider and get them to change the disconnect date. Otherwise you can find yourself without phone service because they’re still going to use the same disconnect date they have written down.

A Verizon FiOs tech support rep and Consumerist reader wanted us to pass this on because they field “100 calls a day” about it because the sales department seems to never bothers to tell this to customers. The same advice would apply to anyone else switching over from regular copper to any of those “triple-play” packages various cable companies offer.


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  1. GearheadGeek says:

    But if your copper provider is Verizon (like the “Verizon Harasses You For 3 Months To Switch To FiOS, Then Never Shows Up To Install It” post yesterday) you’re probably just screwed, because if they can’t figure out whether or not they’ve installed it, they’re probably going to disconnect your copper service at some random time because they felt like it, even if you told them not to.

  2. rhombopteryx says:

    Haha – you think you’re without service now – wait ’til the installer shows up and actually rips out your copper phone lines so you have only Fios forever thereafter.

  3. theninjasquad says:

    Well lets be honest, this wouldn’t be an issue if their techs would just show up on time and not reschedule.

  4. DeeJayQueue says:

    I guess a good idea would be not to even call to schedule a cutoff date till after the FiOs was up and running, unless you’ve got verizon as your copper provider, then ilke was mentioned above, you’re probably screwed.

  5. Maulleigh says:

    BTW: I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE those commercials with that kid. If I don’t turn off the television I definitely hit MUTE and leave the room. Godawful!

    I hate the hacky premise of child-acts-like-an-adult. He’s like Obi Wan Kenobi.

  6. lenagainster says:

    Only makes sense if one is getting a new number. If “porting” your number from the old provider to Verizon, don’t dare cancel your service with the old provider or you’ll lose your number. Just tell Verizon to port after your current service is free of DSL or any other feature that would prevent porting. The porting effectively cancels your old service.

  7. @GearheadGeek: Bingo

    @rhombopteryx: Do you know what that copper is worth? I’ll stand over that guys shoulder and dare him to touch it.