National Arbitration Forum Decides 61 Year Identity Theft Victim Owes $46,000

Yahoo! Finance has a horrible story about a 61 year old lady living on $759 a month Social Security whose credit card was stolen and it ended up with the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) deciding she owed them $46,000.

When she received notice of pending arbitration against her, it had no claim attached to it. She didn’t even know who was suing her. She sent a letter asking for the case to be dismissed or to be served with an actual claim. She didn’t hear from them again until NAF told her they had ruled against her for $46,000. They didn’t even respond to her motion.

Takeaway: Scan your monthly credit card statements for any charges you don’t remember making and report them as soon as possible. Also, arbitration by companies against consumers is evil. Support the Arbitration Fairness Act.

Stacking the Deck Against Consumers [Yahoo! Finance]

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