Does It Make Sense To Get A Text Message Plan?

Here’s the current text-message rate plans for the different cellphone providers. Most providers also offer unlimited text message plans: AT&T: $19.99 a month, Sprint: $20 a month, T-Mobile: $14.99 a month, Verizon: Unlimited messaging isn’t optional feature, but it is part of the America’s Choice Select Plan.

If you’re an avid text-message user, it can make sense to sign up for one, but you should make sure you’re not buying unnecessary minutes. Check your billing and use history to see whether the number of texts you send and receive would actually make it cheaper to go for a text-messaging plan, or just pay the standard rate. Before making any changes, be sure to ask whether doing so will extend your contract, so you don’t accidentally get locked in for another two years.

Green thumbs: Texting costs up [Florida Times-Union]

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