Her Depot: Home Depot For Women

Scary man tools will be replaced by decorative trinkets and stylish furniture at the new Home Depot pilot store designed to attract women. Tragically dubbed “Her Depot,” the store will abandon Home Depot’s warehouse aesthetic in favor of shorter, “cleaner” aisles that emphasize home organization and interior design.

“There is a showroom of doors and windows unlike any other we’ve ever tried,” Feldman said.

“She can buy a light bulb as well as all of the lighting,” he said. “Or a major appliance plus the laundry detergent to go with it.”

Though there will be a garden center, the focus won’t be on the act of gardening as much as the appreciation of outdoor living. No piles of dirt and grass-seed bags or rolling shelves full of begonias and impatiens will be found at the design centers. Instead there will be more stylish outdoor furniture and accessories, upscale pottery and other garden paraphernalia.

The pilot Home Depot Design Center opens this week in Concord, CA, while a second store is expected to open soon in Charlotte, NC. Home Depot may want a new slogan to match their pretty new stores; “You Can Do It, We Can Help,” never sounded so patronizing.

This Home Depot is for women [Contra Costa Times]
(Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

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