New York Dry Cleaner Sues Disgruntled Customer For $300,000

Todd Layne Cleaners on the Upper East Side filed a $300,000 defamation suit against disgruntled former customer Evan Maloney. The dry cleaner decided to “vigorously defend” itself after Maloney hung ten posters in his building decrying Todd Layne’s horrible customer service. Maloney lists five grievances:

  • Todd Layne promised same-day service until 8 p.m., but closed at 5:30 p.m. without offering an apology;
  • Todd Layne costs more than other cleaners on the block because they use environmentally friendly soap that caused Evan’s fiance to break out in hives;
  • Maloney received a batch of clothes that was still wet.
  • Todd Layne’s washed and ruined a cellphone Maloney had left in his shorts;
  • Todd Layne offered to accept package deliveries for people in Maloney’s building. Despite his negative experiences, Maloney accepted this service. Todd Layne accepted two packages, but refused delivery of the third.

Nothing major, certainly nothing that would drive us to print up posters. Just take your clothes to the other, cheaper cleaners on the block. Todd Layne’s response is equally ridiculous. Beyond the suit for $300,000, they have asked a judge to force Maloney to take down the website: A judge has already agreed to bar Maloney from entering the cleaners, an order beneficial to both parties.

Why are dry cleaners such litigation magnets?

Drycleaner Sues Unhappy Customer [Gothamist]

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