UPDATE: Girl Accused Of Dropping Apple Laptop Gets New One

“This is Stephanie, I emailed you a couple of weeks ago about my MacBook’s cracked screen, and how the manager at Apple in Chestnut Hill was basically the worst person ever.”

[ed. Via email, the manager says he didn’t push Stephanie.]

“Anyways, after my story was posted on The Consumerist, I took your advice of emailing Steve Jobs. I essentially forwarded what I wrote to your website, at about 10pm est. At 11am est, I received a phone call from someone at Apple who reads and responds to the emails sent there, Michael. After explaining what happened to him again, he told me he would be calling the new store in Natick, MA, and that I could go there that night to drop off my MacBook.”

So I did, and I was told it would be approximately a week for them to replace the screen. They also said they would be replacing the topcase, which I thought was the part that houses the LCD, but when I went to pick up my MacBook a week later, I learned that it is the part with the keyboard. They replaced it because it was DIRTY. It’s a white keyboard, of course it is dirty. But it was totally awesome of them to do that. Except the person who put it on did a bad job and there was a huge gap between the topcase and bottom case, and I was afraid it would start peeling off, so the manager said the best thing to do would be to send it back in for another week of repair. I reluctantly agreed, since it would mean being without a computer for another week, but I didn’t want the problem to get worse, especially when it was another thing that I didn’t do to my computer.

Anyways after giving my computer back to them, I left the mall. About 10 minutes after leaving, I received a call from Michael, the man who gave me the OK to just bring in my MacBook to be repaired by Apple. He told me that I could just go to the store the following morning and they were giving me a brand new MacBook, onto which my data was being transferred. I felt kind of bad because I could just use the library for a week, and he had already gone out of his way for me SO MUCH, but he told me that he wanted me to have a good Apple experience, and that is definitely what this turned out to be. I am on my new MacBook now and so far, so good. I’m really pleased that, even though it took almost 3 weeks and a lot of stress, Apple helped me out in the end.

I would really appreciate it if you could post this on The Consumerist either as a follow up article, or edit the old article with this new information. I think it is only fair for it to be shown that yeah, I was treated like crap at the Apple Store, but that they totally redeemed themselves. I don’t think they would have really listened to me had it not been for the other article you posted with 40,000+ views. Thank you 🙂

Hooray! We’re happy Stephanie got a new computer, and Apple got back a happy customer. The powers of escalating your issue to the top and not taking no for answer are once again revealed.

Separately, via email, the manager says he didn’t push Stephanie.

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