Painlessly Divorce Outlook And Your Crackberry

Mike Elgan describes how he was able to dump outlook, move all his data to online services, and can now use any phone he wants:

1. Replace Outlook e-mail with Google Gmail
2. Replace Outlook Contacts and Notes with Plaxo
3 Replace Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar
4. Replace Outlook Tasks with Gubb
5 .Replace phone typing with Jott
6. Rename the .PST file.

Now not only is he free to choose from a wider variety of handsets, his life is no longer destroyed if he ends up losing his phone. In the article, Elgan describes each step and its reasons more in-depth.

How to get rid of Outlook, move all your PIM info online and use any phone you want [ComputerWorld]
(Photo: decaf)

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