“Jeff Gordon” Mini Helmets (lead), Kipp Brothers Bendable Dinosaur Toys (lead), Cracker Barrel Princess Magnetic Travel Art Set Lap Desks (lead), Disney™ Deluxe Winnie-the-Pooh 23-Piece Play Sets (lead), J.C. Penney Deluxe Wood Art Sets (lead), J.C. Penney Breyer 2006 Stirrup Ornaments (lead), Wegmans Food You Feel Good About Country Wheat Rolls (actually potato rolls, with undeclared milk allergen), Aliki Chicken Broccoli Fettuccine Alfredo Made with White Chicken (Listeria), J.C. Penney “Alyssa” Shag Rugs (fire), Ross Stores Turtle Sprinklers (laceration), Collections Etc. Inc. Double Hammocks (falling), Alltrade Tools Recalls Power Tool Batteries (burn and laceration), Fisher Controls International, Gas Regulators (leaks).