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• Bait and switch… at the dentist???

• Did you know that “Woodstock Farms” is located in China? Readers discuss the misleading branding of organic produce.

Making sense of McDonald’s Monopoly game. Check out this list of the pieces that are actually valuable.

• Warranty holder of dead LG TV turns to Sears for help. Sears offers service in two weeks at the earliest with no guarantee of replacement or a fix.


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  1. Shadowman615 says:

    Why doesn’t there seem to be any link to the consumerist forums from the main page? Am I just missing it?

  2. faust1200 says:

    It’s because the forums aren’t an official part of Gawker so they don’t want to link us. You can reach the forums by going to []

  3. Chicago7 says:

    Except for Boardwalk, all the winning pieces are the highest in the alphabet for their section.

    And it’s been that way forever. It doesn’t change from year to year.