Validas Analyzes Your Cellphone Bill For Potential Savings

Validas is a new service that aims to help consumers save on their cellphone bills by analyzing their cellphone bills and providing suggestions about how they could adjust their plans and save money. To use it, you create an account, validate your email address, download your cellphone bill from your cell provider’s website, upload it to Validas for processing, then wait a few seconds for your report.

We gave it a whirl and it seemed decent, though since we already do what Validas, except WITH OUR BRAIN, it didn’t offer much in the way of improvement opportunities, though it did note we should get rid of VCAST and offered a few free phone number lookup services to use instead of 411.

The malformatting of some website elements left us under-enthused, and we wonder if they can really guarantee the security their privacy policy promises. After all, they expect you to upload your cellphone bill, complete with juicy personal information bits and account information.

The first Validas analysis is free, $5 for each additional, and $20 for 15 uploads. Be sure to save a copy of your report because you only get one upload and you don’t get to see it again if you navigate away.

If your head spins trying to figure out your cellphone bill and all the plans your provider offers, Validas could help you figure out a better pricing option. Cellphone company profits depend on customers not understanding their bills, services like Validas can add much-needed transparency and rationality to the market. Maybe someone can come out with a better-looking one that makes us feel more comfortable about using it.

MyValidas [Official Site]

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