Our reader’s scuffle with DirecTV over their “informational” robots calling her, despite being on their do-not-call list, got a mention in the New York Times this weekend. [NYT]


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  1. TPK says:

    Despite their decline in significance and circulation over the past few years, it is still a bit of a rush to get your work mentioned in the Times. When my web page was mentioned in a Travel Section article, it was way cool!

  2. homerjay says:

    A few years ago I left a review on Amazon for some crappy Hot Wheels toy someone bought my son. It was well worded eloquent. I few weeks later I got a call from a NYT reporter asking about it. She was writing an article on crappy toys. She quoted me and some of my review a few times in the article. It was neat. :)

    Still don’t know how she got my contact info from a review.