eBay Hacked, User Accounts Disabled, No Personal Information Compromised

eBay has been hacked, says Ars Technica, and several members have had their accounts disabled. eBay’s Trust and Safety team issued a statement in which they said (adorably) that the hacker was “a known fraudster to us.”

eBay assured users that no credit card or financial information was compromised.

“This fraudster found very old administrative functions that had not been deactivated several years ago when we changed the security of our internal systems. These functions were still accessible on public servers, while the rest of our functionality is now behind multiple layers of security. We immediately identified the functions that he accessed and deactivated, and we are undergoing an audit to ensure obsolete code that may still exist for other reasons is secure.”

Recently, quite a few eBay users fell victim to a phishing scam that exposed some of their personal data, but was linked to fake credit card numbers. Some suspect that the same hacker is responsible for both of the incidents.

Hacker exploits forgotten eBay administrative system [Ars Technica]

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