Don't Eat Chicken Or Turkey Pot Pies Right Now

You can add another item to your special “unsafe food” list for October: chicken and turkey pot pies, including the Banquet brand and generic store brands that have “P-9” stamped on the side, which may contain salmonella. Several cases of salmonella poisoning have now been reported in various states, and ConAgra and the USDA are asking consumers not to eat the product while they investigate.

The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service is investigating a Missouri facility that produced the batch pot pies. ConAgra, which is offering refunds for purchased pies, “believes the issue is likely related to consumer undercooking of the product” and is considering redesigning the package “to more clearly illustrate different cooking times for Banquet pot pies related to varying wattages of microwaves.”

“Health alert on some turkey, chicken pot pies: USDA” [Reuters]
“ConAgra Advises Consumers To Avoid Banquet Turkey” [CNN Money]


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  1. Zerkaboid says:

    Wow, I actually had one of these for lunch today. Bought it on Sunday and had it at work this afternoon (Banquet Turkey Pot Pie). It was pretty well cooked though, and I feel fine thus far.

    Though if you don’t see an update from me in this thread my tomorrow night, assume the worst.

  2. dr88 says:

    One hour too late. I ran to the kitchen to look at the box in the trash, and low and behold, P9 was stamped on the side.

  3. LiC says:

    So I can still eat them if I cook them in the oven? I don’t really trust my microwave to cook raw meat thoroughly. Kittens, yes.

  4. girly says:

    Dr88! I hope you are okay.

    I am wondering if it is possible that the ones at KFC could be affected but they look different from banquet pot pies.

  5. Kezzerxir says:

    I eat those all the time, and so does my friend. Oh Nooes!

  6. RottNDude says:

    ConAgra, which is offering refunds for purchased pies, “believes the issue is likely related to consumer undercooking of the product”

    How about “The issue ls likely related to our contaminated product”?

  7. Ratty says:

    It’s not contaminated if you cook it past 160 F and kill the taint, durrr. ;)

  8. cabinaero says:

    In case anybody wants to know, the poultry stamp looks like this and should be on the face panel of the box.

  9. EtherealStrife says:

    Clucky frowns at the number of consumerists eating store-bought pies. La Palma chicken pies and chicken noodle soup…mmm…nobody can top em. In fact I’ve still got a couple in the fridge. :-P

    I don’t see how salmonella could be a problem if the food is fully cooked. Mash the pie up halfway through so the whole thing is thoroughly cooked, not just the outside. Then it’s just a matter of knowing your microwave.

  10. nXt says:

    I have a Marie Calendar’s Pot Pie in my freezer, it has a P1 on the side, So I guess it’s safe. Expires next year :)

  11. FLConsumer says:

    Hmm… they don’t say which species of Salmonella it is… Considering the majority of them will give you varying form of the shits:

  12. OnceWasCool says:

    How long has ConAgra known about this salmonella? I still remember the Peter Pan deal where months went by and thought I had stomach flu that would come and go. I will NEVER forgive them for that. It is like they use salmonella as seasonings.

    They have been changing Marie Callender to cheep it up as well. The last one I ate was like generic chicken with rubber bands for texture. Never will buy anything ConAgra!

  13. dr88 says:

    I called ConAgra’s “Pot Pie Hotline” listed on their website, and the CSR told me that the pies are still safe to eat, and that they should be cooked for at least 4 min to kill any salmonella. She told me that the issues they have been having are related to consumers not following the directions and cooking them for less than the recommended amount of time. I’m still going to mail in the sides of the boxes, like ConAgra’s website suggests, to get a refund.

  14. topgun says:

    I love Salmonella patties. Tastes like chicken.

  15. SharkJumper says:

    Darn it. There go my Thanksgiving plans.

  16. Edmund_Burke says:

    Cute touch in the picture.
    “The Worst Pies In London….”

  17. Ate one of these at about 9:30 PM last night.

    Spent midnight to 4 AM in the bathroom.

    Came to work and the first link on cnn is not to eat pot pies. All I could think was “motherfucker.”

  18. supra606 says:

    @SharkJumper: @RamV10: LMAO at both of these!

  19. fuck me…i’ve got 2 of those chillin’ in my freezer as I type this, and most likely forget about this post before the day is done

  20. @RamV10: I have never laughed so hard from a serious post before. I literally had to walk away from my laptop at work to stop myself from looking like a complete loon. Kudos

  21. Zerkaboid says:

    Update for those who care: I am salmonella free! Or just very resistant. I suppose anyone who undercooks food now can cause a scare?

  22. ChrisC1234 says:

    For any Turkey Pot Pie fans here, the best Pot Pie to be had is a HOMEMADE one. The Jenny-O Turkey Roast (which, while not a like real turkey, is good in it’s own way) has a recipe on the box for a very easy Turkey Pot Pie. It is the BEST, and it’s actually pretty easy to make.

  23. wwwhitney says:

    Ahhh… the joys of being a vegetarian multiply every day

  24. Mary says:

    You know, I’ve noticed that their pot pies are often undercooked when cooked for the recommended time. They’re still mushy in the middle and had cold pieces of meat. So I stopped buying them because I need lunch food, not “cook in the oven” food.

    Glad they’re going to be adjusting their packaging, because really, it was already wrong.

    I’m just glad that this wasn’t one of the weeks where I got a craving for pot pie and bought a stack to eat one every day at lunch…I don’t have time to get sick right now.

  25. ichiban1081 says:

    Ok so should we actually eat it in correspondence to the above story? This way we can be immune to it :D

  26. ichiban1081 says:


    Very true but its not like us vegetarians dont see our share of tainted goods. Remember the whole spinach debacle?

  27. spugbrap says:

    Uh.. Yeah, the microwave instructions clearly say to cook for at least 4 minutes (6 minutes if you’ve got a lower-power microwave). I’ve microwaved these things lots of times (even as recently as last week), and have never had any ill effects to my health.

    My plates, on the other hand, are not too fond of them.

  28. Anonymous says:

    The problem with this warning is that now I have an insane craving for a product I haven’t eaten since $0.89 was a lot to spend on dinner.

  29. FLConsumer says:

    @dr88: True, cooking the food better/longer will kill the salmonella bacteria, *BUT* there isn’t supposed to be salmonella in the food to begin with!

    Many of these problems have stemmed from the industrialisation of things which previously weren’t, like the bagged pre-washed produce, etc. In other cases, it comes down to a lack of cleanliness. These plants only shut down 1-2 times a day to clean the equipment. All it takes is one diseased animal to contaminate a whole batch. Could this be fixed? Sure, but it’d require redesigning the entire process so that things are run in batches (with cleaning after each batch) rather than continuous production lines. It’d cost $$$$$$$ to redesign these systems.

    Likewise, in farming, farmers could filter water used for irrigation of produce crops, chicken farmers could change out the bedding/flooring used in chicken coops more than once a year (seriously, it’s only once a year. They just scrape off the top layer every 3 or so months, but the whole bedding’s replaced 1x a year.) Why don’t they do this? Cost. It might cost them $0.0001 per chicken/plant, so they’re not interested.

  30. rrapynot says:

    Salmonella doesn’t just give you the shits for a couple of hours or make you feel like you have a touch of stomach flu. It is a very serious disease that can kill you. You will be VERY sick for several days. The stomach cramps are almost unbearable.

  31. STrRedWolf says:

    We have about 12 of these things we bought for mom, from Walmart. They’re the Banquet “flat” pot pies (flat because they’re about an inch thick) and have the “P9” print on them (no dash). We’re considering our options, and eating them is right out.

  32. theblackdog says:

    I’ll just stick with making my own pot pies…or buying the take and bake chicken pot pies that Costco sells.