A Plague Of Cracked Blu-Ray Discs From Netflix?

Grant is having a problem renting blu-ray discs from Netflix.

They’re all arriving with an identical crack near the outside edge.

Some of them play; some of them don’t.

He’s documented the cracked discs for us:

9/13/2007 – Casino Royale (Not recognized by player)

9/17/2007 – Casino Royale

9/18/2007 – Flags of Our Fathers (Would not play)

9/18/2007 – The Holiday

9/21/2007 – The Holiday

9/27/2007 – The Holiday

9/27/2007 – Planet Earth: Complete Collection: Disc 1

10/02/2007 – Happy Feet

10/02/2007 – Babel

10/04/2007 – Happy Feet (Played OK)

10/04/2007 – Babel (Played OK)

10/09/2007 – Babel (Played OK)

12 cracked out of 19 as of 2007-10-09

Hey, Planet Earth was pretty cool, and we were pleasantly surprised by Casino Royale. The new James Bond is sexy, although he looks more like he belongs in a remake of The Prisoner than James Bond… Oh sorry, wrong blog. Anyone else experiencing trouble with their blu-ray discs from Netflix?

Cracked Netflix Blu-Ray Disc Problem [Mars Box]

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