A Plague Of Cracked Blu-Ray Discs From Netflix?

Grant is having a problem renting blu-ray discs from Netflix.

They’re all arriving with an identical crack near the outside edge.

Some of them play; some of them don’t.

He’s documented the cracked discs for us:

9/13/2007 – Casino Royale (Not recognized by player)

9/17/2007 – Casino Royale

9/18/2007 – Flags of Our Fathers (Would not play)

9/18/2007 – The Holiday

9/21/2007 – The Holiday

9/27/2007 – The Holiday

9/27/2007 – Planet Earth: Complete Collection: Disc 1

10/02/2007 – Happy Feet

10/02/2007 – Babel

10/04/2007 – Happy Feet (Played OK)

10/04/2007 – Babel (Played OK)

10/09/2007 – Babel (Played OK)

12 cracked out of 19 as of 2007-10-09

Hey, Planet Earth was pretty cool, and we were pleasantly surprised by Casino Royale. The new James Bond is sexy, although he looks more like he belongs in a remake of The Prisoner than James Bond… Oh sorry, wrong blog. Anyone else experiencing trouble with their blu-ray discs from Netflix?

Cracked Netflix Blu-Ray Disc Problem [Mars Box]


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  1. mantari says:

    If nobody else chimes in with this problem, I’d wonder if it might be an issue with your mailbox. Perhaps they drop in and fall a small distance, cracking when they hit the bottom? (Even if it is a matter of inches?)

  2. Skiffer says:

    Shoulda gone HD-DVD….

  3. rmz says:

    It probably would have been better if that Happy Feet disc had been rendered defective.

  4. FreemanB says:

    I haven’t had any problems with Blu-Ray disks from Netflix, including Casino Royale. I’ve probably rented a dozen or more this year from them, and they all played with no issues. Since I didn’t have any reason to inspect them, I can’t say whether there was a crack or not. None of the movies here or coming at the moment are Blu-Ray, so maybe someone else can inspect some they have handy. Perhaps some device that clasps the sleeves is causing the fractures, but you would suspect those would cause multiple fractures after the disc are sorted multiple times.

  5. rewinditback says:

    or an angry person with the same taste in video’s as you…

  6. crnk says:

    @mantari: Never though of that idea, but you have a good point for him. Maybe if he just did an experiment to tape a layer or 2 of bubble wrap on the bottom to see if it does anything…

  7. jaredgood1 says:

    The only problem I’ve had with them is that picking the Blu-Ray over the DVD usually puts a wait status on shipping it. Beyond that, all the ones I’ve queued up have played fine.

    @Skiffer: And going HD-DVD would have helped him watch Casino Royale and Holiday how?

  8. amoeba says:

    I’ve only had a few BADLY SCRATCH blue-ray disks from netflix. But I guess is part of their routine to send me scratched dvds and blue-ray disc every week. I think his mailman doesn’t like him that much, he may need to tip him some big bucks over Xmas.

  9. cef21 says:

    I wonder if this is caused by the Post Office sorting machinery.

    Here’s an experiment he should try: Get a netflix-style envelope, put a blank DVD in it with a paper-carbon paper-paper sandwich on each side and send it to himself.

  10. OnceWasCool says:

    The weak link has always been the Post Office. They are about as useful as sore pecker.

  11. WhatThe... says:

    We have only experienced cracked DVD’s – all the Blu-Rays have been in near perfect condition.

  12. jzulli says:

    I got Sleepy Hollow and Stranger than Fiction (both Blu-Ray) in the mail from Netflix yesterday and they’re fine.

  13. mbrutsch says:

    Another early-adopter get burned. Yawn.

  14. ajn007 says:

    I’ve had more problems with the DVDs I get than the Blu-Ray’s. The latter of which I’ve never had a problem with. In fact, they tend to come in much better condition than the DVDs.

  15. nicoledapostrophe says:

    Question: what is Netflix doing about this? I don’t have Blu-Ray, but I get regular DVDs with them all of the time. Maybe out of 20 DVDs, about 4 of mine have come scratched. I feel like their customer service is pretty damn good (considering some of the companies out there!), and I hope that they are helping you out dude…

  16. ganzhimself says:

    I had one Blu-Ray that had fallen victim to Blu-Ray rot (skipped once or twice during movie playback, not a HUGE deal)and one with a slight crack, but it played just fine… So, a few minor issues, but still have not had any discs that won’t play at all from NetFlix.

    PS: My Blu-Ray player is a 60GB PS3.

  17. mechanismatic says:

    My guess is it’s a manufacturing problem. Google ‘blu-ray’ and ‘problems’ and browse the history of problems with the format. Netflix is just the vendor from which you’re getting the discs.

  18. Sounds like classic shipping problems to me. As far as I saw with the classic video showing the Joystiq taking practically everything possible to scratch the hell out of a BD disc which continued to play even after they hit it with steel wool. I’ll chalk this one up to handler error or crap previous users. I rented DVD’s from Netflix a few times. After they showed up covered in fingerprints, scratches, and cracks (Yes, DVD’s), I never rented a movie from Netflix again.

  19. By the way, just a link to that Joystiq video…


  20. clickertrainer says:

    I had the same problem a few years back with Netflix. I got about (I kid you not) 10 DVDs in a row that arrived broken. (the X-files to be exact) I kept sending them back. Finally I emailed them and asked what was going on. The problem stopped.

    My theory is they had an employee that didn’t like David Duchovny.

  21. dlab says:

    This is actually not the first time I have heard of this, although it is a different set of circumstances.

    Back before the news had come out about Netflix’s priority system for their unlimited plans (the more movies you get, the slower you get them), some friends of mine complained that about 80% of the discs (regular DVDs) that they got from Netflix were cracked, scratched, or broken. I’m sure this had to do with the fact that they would order two movies, rip them, and send them back within less than 24 hours and then get two more movies sent to them.

    I wonder how fast is Grant turning over discs, and whether or not he is getting DVDs in addition to the Blu Ray discs…

  22. Anonymous says:

    i recieved Casino Royale, The Holiday and Babel in Blu-ray and they all worked fine. i didn’t notice if there were scratches or not however i don’t generally inspect any disc i get (game, movie or music) unless it has a problem. i agree with the majority of the posters that this is likely a shipping issue and has absolutely nothing to do with blu-ray discs or not. being a member of netflix for so long i have on occasion received a disc that didn’t work or was cracked or even came in pieces but again, this has nothing to do with blu-ray.

  23. g3brown says:

    DLAB: I rent Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, and regular DVD discs. I’m only having the issue with the Blu-Ray. About half of my movies are Blu-Ray and half regular DVD. I’ve only rented 2 or 3 HD-DVD. Again, no problems with regular DVDs. The Blu-Ray discs are generally in mint condition except for the small crack I show in the photos. I purposely don’t return the defective Blu-Ray’s until I have received a replacement, so as to make sure I’m not receiving the same defective disc.

  24. BugMeNot2 says:

    He’s not alone, I had the exact same crack in the same place when I recently got “Vacancy” from Netflix.

  25. synergy says:

    I’m wondering if it’s the quality of the Blu Ray discs themselves. If he gets other discs from Netflix that aren’t damaged, then I would think it isn’t the mailbox, the mailman, or Netflix.

  26. FromMoon says:

    I’ve been renting BluRay discs from netflix since they were first made available, and haven’t had a problem yet. Could it be a player issue? My PS3 doesn’t seem very sensitive when it comes to scratched or damaged discs.

  27. Nytmare says:

    He says he rents HD-DVD too, but doesn’t mention whether or not the HD-DVD and/or DVD discs he receives are problem-free.

  28. g3brown says:

    NYTMARE: I should have been more specific about that. I’m Grant BTW. I do rent HD-DVD and DVD discs and I haven’t had a problem with either. I’m on the 5 at a time plan and I rent about half DVD and half Blu-Ray. I’ve only rented about 3 HD-DVD. I’ve only had the crack with the Blu-Ray discs. (I’ll update my post to reflect this… thanks for that)

  29. dlab says:


    Well, I’d say 12 out of 19 is a bad enough record for them to owe you money. Factoring in your DVD’s, that would still be more than 25% of your requested discs.

    Have you tried to get any of your fees refunded? Maybe you can threaten to defect to Blockbuster’s competing service…

  30. m0unds says:

    We’ve been using Netflix forever and have never had any trouble with Blu-Ray or regular DVDs and we’ve received a pretty large quantity of both..

  31. g3brown says:

    @dlab: The last time I spoke to them they boosted my discounted month to a free month. I really like Netflix and their service, but it sucks they lie and say they aren’t aware of any problem. Others are having the exact same problem. I appreciated the month of free service, but I’d rather pay their fee and get movies without the cracks.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I got one of these once. I also rent HD DVDs from Netflix, but they’ve never been cracked. Blu-ray has a much thinner data layer than DVD or HD DVD, so maybe that’s the reason.

  33. doavid says:

    I wonder why they keep these cracked disks in circulation. I have been hi- lighting mine. They are not happy with my helping hand. I wonder why!!! Maybe they want to continue to keep up the disk always avalable reputation. It must be expensive to replace them,
    I don’t beleive the post office is eating them up story.
    I’m switching to blockbuster if this keeps up.