Predatory Tow Trucks Steal, Sell Cars To Junk Yards

Predatory Tow trucks are prowling about Florida, looking to gin up extra cash by hauling perfectly good cars to salvage yards. The tow truck operators make up to $100,000 each year by preying on seemingly abandoned cars. By the time the rightful owners start asking questions, their cars are already cubes.

Investigators say salvage yards aren’t held responsible as long as they get the proper paperwork.

“At least a title – we have to have the title,” said Heckman.

But because not all salvage yards ask for it and just want to get their hands on the vehicle, investigators say this is a big business. In fact, some thieves can make around $100,000 a year just by bringing in stolen cars.

“There’s a risk when you leave any of your personal property unsecured on the side of the road,” said Gonzalez.

Insurance companies are not receptive to victim’s pleas without proof that the vehicle was stolen. To scare away predators, stay with your car while waiting for a legitimate tow truck. It also helps not to abandon your car on the side of the highway.

Crooked tow truck drivers stealing cars [NBC2]
(Photo: LinBow)

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